Molkki 2 6th March 2023 Written Update: Suraj and Bhoomi shifts to same room


Molkki 2 6th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhoomi getting up to do puja but get stopped by villagers. They talk about Bhoomi not fulfilling her duties and not staying with Suraj. They even say that the rumors tell about Suraj being not happy with Bhoomi. Bhoomi cries and says she didn’t not know about all this rules and goes back to her room. They continue the puja. Suraj gets angry and is about to scold the ladies. Nirma stops him and says society always blames the woman. But here Bhoomi is suffering because of him so he has no rights to tell anything to the ladies.

Bhoomi goes to room and has a breakdown. She misses her parents and feels helpless. Suddenly Suraj comes there and drags her with him. Bhoomi asks him what’s happening. Suraj brings her to room and shows his stuff scattered all over. He asks her to help arrange his clothes in her room and that now both of them will share the same room. Bhoomi tells him not to do anything unwillingly. Suraj tells her not to overthink and he is doing this because he had promised she will get all her rights in haveli.

Suraj tells Bhoomi they can’t be life partners but they can become room partners. He asks her to give some space in her cupboard for his stuff. Saibo plays as both Bhoomi and Suraj arrange Suraj’s luggage in room. Bhoomi tells she will be sleep on couch while Suraj can sleep on bed. Later Nirma pays the village ladies and thank them. Nirma thinks a small lie has given a win to them. She hopes soon haveli will get their heir. Gagan brings Manik back to their old house.

Manik denies staying in that house. Gagan tells her about working with Sangram again. He breaksdown and tells Manik about Sangram blackmailing him. Manik asks him to take help from Nirma and Suraj. But Gagan denies as Sangram will send him to jail. Bhoomi comes from washroom and sees Suraj doing exercise applying coconut oil on his body. Bhoomi thinks she is allergic to coconut oil. Suraj asks her to pass him water jug. Bhoomi gets confused how she should go near him as her sneezing will start. She holds her nose and hand him water. Suraj asks her why she is doing that. Bhoomi removes her hand from nose but holds her breath.

Suraj asks Bhoomi to breathe normally. But as soon as she does so she starts sneezing due to which Suraj drops his protein powder on hismelf. Bhoomi keeps sneezing and tells about her allergy to coconut oil. Suraj tells he will give her medicine. Later at home everyone is doing preparations for Rimjhim’s arrival. Bhoomi prepares kheer and goes to collect rose petals from garden. She finds guard to talking to someone who is asking for money telling Sunderlal’s name. Bhoomi gets shocked. The episode ends with the guy telling Bhoomi that Sunderlal lost money in gambling and gave her address to get money back. Bhoomi thinks she needs to go and talk to Sundar.

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