Molkki 25th October 2021 Written Update: Purvi saves Manas


Molkki 25th October 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sakshi asks Arjun to call Purvi to construction site and they should make Virendra believe that Purvi lied to him and then she will get her family and the latter will get his money. He thanks her for remembering their deal. She asks him to leave from construction site after getting money.

Virendra tells Purvi that she can leave wherever she wants once he finds Juhi and Manas. Sakshi comes there and lies to them that she went to temple. Purvi picks Arjun’s call and asks him about Kids. He asks her to meet him in construction site with 10 crore and disconnects the call.

Kids overhears Arjun’s conversation with Purvi. They understands that Arjun lied to them and decides to escape from there. Arjun asks them that where are they going. They tells him that they are getting bored so want to go out. He takes them to the construction site. Manas tells him that he want to go to washroom and moves from there. Arjun follows him. Juhi runs from there so Arjun chases her. Meanwhile, Manas hides there. Arjun searches them.

Virendra reaches the construction site with Sakshi and Purvi. He tells them that today he won’t leave Arjun. Sakshi tells him that once they finds Kids, he can do whatever he wants to with Arjun. She thinks that if Arjun dies then that’s good for her only.

Purvi tells them that they should send Arjun to jail. Arjun sees them and thinks that they should not know that Kids are not with him especially Sakshi. Virendra asks him about Kids. Arjun asks him to give money first.

Purvi screams Kids names. Juhi comes out and tells Purvi that she and Manas escaped from Arjun. Arjun snatches the bag from Virendra and runs from there. Purvi notices that pillar is about to fall on Manas and she runs towards him to save him. Pillar falls on Purvi and Manas, they loses their consciousness. Others runs towards them and rescues them. Purvi wakes up and they admits Manas in the hospital. Nurse takes Purvi with her to treat the latter’s injury.

After some time, Purvi cries hugging Juhi. Virendra gets worried for Manas. Prakashi comes there and asks him that what happened to Manas. She asks Purvi that why the latter crying when she is responsible for all this. She tells her that the latter is unlucky for her family. Virendra asks her to not blame Purvi because it’s Purvi who risked her life to save Manas.

Doctor informs them that he is shifting Manas to ICU. He tells them that Manas is out of danger for now but they needs to do bone marrow transplant in one year. Sakshi thinks that now she can enter Virendra’s life and tells him that she is ready to get pregnant to save Manas which shocks everyone. Doctor asks Virendra to take the decision soon for Manas’s sake. Purvi leaves from there and Virendra follows her.

Episode ends.

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