Molkki 26th March 2021 Written Update: Juhi and Manas search Purvi


Molkki 26th March 2021 Written Update on On

Episode begins with Few Goons kidnaps Purvi and she screams for help and asks why they are kidnapping her. Sudha calls Purvi but she didn’t pick the call and wonders where is Purvi now. Manas says daily Purvi helps him to get ready so today also she has to help him otherwise he won’t go to school today. Anjali tells Prakashi that they become so adamant nowadays. She tells kids that they also knows that Purvi is not in the house and asks what they will do if she leaves the house permanently. Manas says Purvi won’t go anywhere leaving them. Juhi agrees with him.

Anjali says Purvi left the house already and says she is missing since morning. Kids starts crying. Manas goes to Prakashi and asks does Purvi really left the house. Prakashi tells the kids to not cry saying Anjali just joking and Purvi went out for one important work so she will return soon. She says Purvi helped them to get ready daily but today Anjali and Bhuri will help them. Juhi tells Prakashi to call Purvi saying they can’t do anything without Purvi. She consoles Manas saying Purvi will return.

Goons ties Purvi and tells her to not scream because no one can help her. She prays for her safety and wonders who kidnapped her and why they did. Goon calls Prakashi and says he finished the work and asks what to do with Purvi. She tells him to not do anything until she calls him again. Anjali smiles learning about Purvi’s kidnap and says they should kill her without wasting time. Prakashi says she is waiting for right time.

Sudha gives food to Sakshi and tells her to not worry about anything now because no one will harm her. She says Purvi will come soon to meet her and tells her to eat food. Pooja sees that. Sudha calls Virendra to ask about Purvi but he also didn’t pick the call. Mama wonders where Purvi went and consoles the crying kids. Kids says Purvi would have left the house because of Virendra. Bhuri gives Purvi’s mobile to Mama saying she got it from Purvi’s room.

Prakashi gives money to Pooja who came from NGO. She asks her to give information about Sudha. Pooja says yesterday night Sudha brought one lady to NGO and explains how that lady looks. Prakashi understood that she is talking about Sakshi and decides to go to NGO. Purvi gets worried thinking about kids and Virendra and prays God to help her. Kids leaves the house to search Purvi.

Sakshi recalls how Prakashi threatened her and leaves the room. Prakashi reach NGO with Goons. Kids also comes to NGO to search Purvi. Sudha learns that Sakshi is missing. Goons and Prakashi searches Sakshi in NGO. Sudha learns that kids were searching Purvi.

Episode ends.