Molkki 27th October 2021 Written Update: Sakshi plans to harm Purvi


Molkki 27th October 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi tells Sakshi that she will give birth to the latter and Virendra’s child. Sakshi asks her that what’s the need of surrogacy when she already gave birth to two kids. Purvi tells her that, that time she was not part of Virendra’s life but now she is his wife that’s why and she want to save this relationship and also Manas’s life. She informs her that she already talked to the Doctor and she is fit to give birth to baby. Virendra supports her and asks her that what they should do now. Purvi tells her that they should visit Doctor tomorrow.

She and Virendra leaves from the room. He praises her idea. She tauntingly tells him that he didn’t even wait for her decision. He asks her to not misunderstand him. She asks him to not give excuses now because she saw what happened there. He tells her that Sakshi tried to force herself on him but he wanted to wait for her decision. He says to her that if she is not believing him then he is ready to promise on kids. She tells him that no need of that because she knows that he loves her so much.

Next day, Doctor informs that Purvi is really fit to give birth to baby and she will begin the procedure with Sakshi. After some time, Prakashi asks Sakshi that why the latter agreed for surrogacy. Anjali asks Sakshi that how can the latter stay silent in this matter. Sakshi asks them to not instigate her because it’s the best decision for everyone. Prakashi tells her that the latter is really dumb and soon she is going to lose everything to Purvi and leaves the room. Purvi overhears their conversation and leaves from there. Sakshi sees her leaving from there and thinks that she already executed her plan so she will win this game for sure.

Next day, Doctor begins surrogacy procedure and asks Sakshi to take care of herself. Purvi tells her to not worry about that and she takes care of Sakshi. After few days, Virendra tells Purvi that tomorrow is important day for them. He holds her before she falls down and they shares an eye lock. He tells her that she need to be careful.

She reminds him that she is not pregnant yet and why she need to worry when he is with her. He tells her that he will take care of her from now on and she just need to take rest until she gives birth to his baby. He picks her and she asks him to leave her but he refuses. Sakshi comes there and tells them that she kept ‘puja’ for tomorrow.

Next day, Virendra compliments Purvi. Sakshi gives coconut to Purvi and asks her to keep it with her until the ‘puja’ gets over. She recalls that how she put bomb inside the coconut. She waits for blast and thinks that now Purvi won’t be able to give birth to any baby.

Episode ends.

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