Molkki 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Virendra punishes himself for Purvi’s mistake


Molkki 2nd December 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with in the morning Prakashi and Anjali returns from temple. She asks her to do prayer after taking bath not sleep. Anjali prays God for baby and leaves from there. Virendra also returns from mill and asks servant to bring water. Prakashi asks him that where he went at early morning. He informs her that he left the palace yesterday night because of mill’s fire accident but now everything is fine. Meanwhile, Anjali enters her room and gets shocked seeing Yogi and Purvi on the bed sleeping together and she screams.

Everyone hears her scream and goes to her room. Virendra also gets shocked seeing Yogi and Purvi in that position. Prakashi tells them that she never thought she will see something like this in this palace. She asks Yogi and Purvi to wake up but no response from them. Sakshi asks Virendra to be strong and she can understand that what he is going through now but she is glad that he saw Purvi’s true face. She tells him that he trusted Purvi blindly but she betrayed him.

He recalls that how he said to Sakshi that Purvi won’t betray him no matter what. She tells him that she loves him and cares about him that’s why she warned him always about Purvi. She asks him to say something and she is with him. He leaves from there without saying anything. Sakshi glares Purvi. Virendra returns with water bucket and pours it on Purvi and Yogi. They wakes up and gets confused seeing their condition. Virendra throws duppata at Purvi. She tells him that she don’t know that how she reached Yogi’s room. Yogi tells Virendra that there is a misunderstanding for sure.

Virendra slaps him and he drags Purvi out of the room. She pleads him to listen her once but he ignores her pleadings. Sakshi recalls that how she planned all this to destroy Purvi. Yogi asks Anjali to believe him but she remains silent. He asks Prakashi that does she really think that he can do something like this. She slaps him and asks him that how can he do this with Anjali when she waited for him till now. He tells her that he did nothing. She tells him that he should have died in her womb. Anjali leaves from there and Prakashi follows her.

In the hall, Virendra pushes Purvi on the floor. Sakshi asks him to throw Purvi out of the palace. He takes whip and starts beating himself. Sakshi asks him that what is he doing. Purvi asks him to stop doing it. He tells her that he can’t show his face to anyone after what she did so it’s better that he dies. She hugs him to protect him. He pushes her and tells her that he deserves this punishment for trusting her. Sakshi tells him that Purvi deserves punishment not him. Purvi tells Virendra that she don’t know that how she reached Yogi’s bed. He asks her that how can she do this.

Sakshi tells him that Purvi has an extra marital affair with Yogi that’s why Purvi helped Yogi without informing anyone. Purvi asks her to stop it. Virendra asks Purvi to stay away from him and he need to vent out his anger. She asks him to punish her if he thinks that she is wrong then. He recalls that how he said to Sakshi that he will wear thorn pagdi if Purvi ever betrayed him then. He collects thorns and ties it with pagdi clothe. He explains the importance of pagdi to Purvi and asks her to make him wear it which shocks her.

Episode ends.

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