Molkki 30th December 2021 Written Update: Prakashi involves Purvi’s father in her revenge plan


Molkki 30th December 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virendra sneaks into school and he gets worried for Purvi. Meanwhile, Prakashi tells Purvi that the latter must be worried for Manas. She says to her that even she pleaded Virendra to not throw her out of the palace but he didn’t listen her. She asks her to clean the floor. Prakashi’s men comes there and tells her that they could not find Manas. She scolds them and asks them to search Manas. She learns that water is not coming from any pipe and she yells at her men again. Virendra sees them and thinks that he won’t hesitate to fight with Prakashi to save Purvi. They hears one kid screaming. Virendra goes to toilet and tells that kid that he will rescue him. He breaks the door to rescue the kid.

Water starts coming from pipes. Prakashi’s men gives Manas’s handkerchief to Prakashi saying that it was stuck in tank’s pipe. Purvi sees that and realises that Manas is in water tank. Prakashi tells her that he can die anytime and tauntingly asks her to save him. She stops her men from saving Manas. Purvi asks her that how can she do this with her grandson. Prakashi reminds her that Virendra cut off all ties with her so Manas is not her grandson. Purvi tells her that the latter can forget about her responsibility but she will save Manas.

She runs from there and she collides with Virendra and she hugs him. Virendra asks kid to leave for house. She notices his injury and gets worried. He asks her that if she is fine and asks her about kids. They runs from there seeing Prakashi’s men. They goes to terrace and finds Manas inside the water tank. Virendra asks Manas that what is he doing there. Manas tells him that Prakashi’s men were chasing him and while escaping from them he fell on it. He pleads them to save him.

Virendra tells Purvi to go inside. He rescues Manas with Purvi’s help. But he struggles to rescue Purvi and he faints. Manas asks him to wake up. Purvi comes out of the water tank by herself. She notices that Virendra have fever and it must be the side effect of his head injury. She prays to God for help.

On the other hand, Chanda asks kids to sit silently. Prakashi comes there and she orders her man to distribute the stuff to kids. She asks kids to follow her man’s instructions. She tells kids that they are going to learn to make fire crackers. Juhi asks her that where is Manas. Prakashi asks Chanda to take Juhi to water tank. Juhi pleads her to not harm Manas.

Meanwhile, Purvi wonders that how she is going to escape from Prakashi’s men. She gets an idea and throws mud at them and then hits them. Security guard informs Prakashi that parents reached school to pick kids up. Purvi’s father calls Prakashi and thanks her for making him owner of fire cracker factory.

Episode ends.

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