Molkki 30th November 2021 Written Update: Purvi reveals the truth about a loan to Virendra


Molkki 30th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virendra snatches the pen from Purvi and signs on the loan papers. She gets shocked seeing him there. Sakshi asks her that why she came to get money from bank when the latter has locker key. She asks her that for whom the latter getting loan without informing Virendra. Prakashi asks Purvi that why the latter needs this much money. Purvi tells her that she didn’t steal. Renu tells Prakashi that maybe Purvi wants money for her parents. Purvi tells her that she didn’t took the loan to help her parents.

Anjali tells her that 2 crore is not a small amount. Sakshi tells Virendra that Purvi betraying him. Virendra asks Purvi that how long the latter going to hide the truth from him and asks her to reveal the truth. Anjali’s husband, Yogi enters the room and falls on Virendra’s feet saying that Purvi took loan for him. Prakashi asks him that why he wants 2 crore. Purvi tells her that Yogi asked for help because of mill issue.

She recalls that how she saw Yogi attempting to commit suicide and how she saved him before a truck hits him. He asks her that why she saved him when he deserved to die. She asks him that what happened to him. He tells her that Virendra gave mill responsibility to him by believing him but he lost 2 crore. She agrees to help him. She tells everything to Virendra and informs him that she took money from locker to give it to Yogi only. She reveals that Sudha lied to him for her sake.

Yogi apologizes to Virendra and asks him to not say anything to Purvi and he is ready to receive punishment. Virendra slaps him. Yogi tells him that he deserves this. Virendra tells him that he slapped him because the latter didn’t came to him to ask help. Yogi hugs him and apologizes to him. He tells him that he is alive in front of him because of Purvi.

Virendra yells at his family for doubting Purvi. He tells Prakashi that Purvi won’t betray him no matter what. He tells Anjali that her husband is alive today because of Purvi. He tauntingly asks Sakshi to now expose Purvi. He tells Yogi to forget loss and profit and asks him to return home. He tells them that he is proud of Purvi and takes her from there.

Later, Prakashi welcomes Yogi and she asks him and Anjali to plan for a baby. Kids asks Yogi that what he brought for them. He gives chocolates to them. He shows gold earrings to Anjali saying that he brought it for her but he want to give it to Purvi and gives it to her. Sakshi gets an idea against Purvi and smriks.

Yogi asks Anjali that is not she happy with his return. She tells him that she is really happy and asks him that not give her gifts to others. He smiles at her and tells her that he thought she was angry because Prakashi talked about baby. She gets angry and leaves the room. Purvi brings heater for Yogi and thanks him for earrings. She asks him to assume her as sister.

Episode ends.

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