Molkki 31st March 2021 Written Update: Manas and Juhi finds Purvi


Molkki 31st March 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Purvi thinks to escape through window and tries to open it but she could not do anything. She sees one couple going in bicycle and recalls the moments she shared with Virendra ( Mein Tenu Samjhawan song plays in the background). Manas tells Juhi that he is not able to breathe. Juhi says nothing will happen to him and asks him to not get afraid and tries to divert him by talking about Purvi and Virendra and asks him to open his eyes. Manas recalls the happy moment he shared with Virendra and tells about it to Juhi. He asks what is her favorite moment. She recalls the moment when Virendra and Purvi did rehearsal with them and tells about it to him.

Virendra wonders how Purvi and kids doing. He says he called Purvi so many times but she didn’t pick the call because she is still angry on him and he recalls the moments he shared with Purvi ( Khamoshiyan song plays in the background). He also recalls how he mistreated her. Juhi screams for help. Sudha opens the car dicky and shocks seeing the kids. She asks what are they doing in car dicky. Juhi says Prakashi came to meet Purvi so they hide in the dicky.

Sudha wonders how Prakashi knows that Purvi is in this godown. Sudha asks Manas to open his eyes and says now they will go and search Purvi. Everyone goes inside and starts searching Purvi. Prakashi shocks seeing Sudha and Priyu and hides there with Anjali. She says they should not see them and tells Goon to search Purvi saying she is going to Sakshi mill. Constable tells Police inspector that they will reach the location soon but their jeep’s tyre gets punctured.

Prakashi tells the Driver to go to Sakshi mill. Juhi and Manas gets happy seeing Purvi and runs towards her. Purvi gets relieved seeing kids and hugs them. Manas says they found her finally. Purvi says she missed them so much. Manas goes to bring Sudha and Priyu. Anjali was eating samosa and Prakashi scolds her and tells her to call Goon and ask about Purvi. Anjali calls Goon and learns that Goon didn’t find Purvi yet.

Goon says he will shoot Purvi. Manas hears him and realises that he want to kill Purvi and decides to inform about it to Purvi. He tells everything to Purvi and Juhi. Kids hides Purvi there and leaves from there. They plans trap for Goons. Goons suffers because of kids and wonders what’s happening with them. Kids laughs seeing their condition without anyone’s knowledge. Police inspector reaches the godown with his team and orders them to search Purvi. He goes to Sakshi mill to talk to the manager. Prakashi shocks seeing Police inspector there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kids stops Goons from approaching Purvi. Goon threatens kids and shoots them.