Molkki 6th January 2022 Written Update: Manas refuses to live with Virendra


Molkki 6th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Juhi asks Manas to apologize to Virendra for talking like that. Virendra asks her to leave Manas because he escaped from big danger just now. He tells Purvi that they has to return home. Purvi tells him that she cares about him that’s not mean that she forgave him. She says that she didn’t forget his betrayal yet and the wound is so deep that it won’t heal that easily. She tells Manas and Juhi that Virendra loves them so much and he needs them too and asks them to go with Virendra. Manas refuses saying that he will live with Purvi only because Virendra is bad guy. Purvi asks him to not say like that.

Virendra tells her that for her also he is bad guy that’s why she thinks that he betrayed her but that didn’t happen. She tells him that their path is different now and she can live alone. Manas says that he will live with Purvi and hugs her. Juhi says that she will live with Virendra and hugs him. Purvi and Manas leaves from there. Juhi asks Virendra that why can’t they stay like a happy family. He tells her that, that will happen soon.

Next day, Principal thanks Purvi and informs her that even students made thank you card for her. He informs her that Virendra is new owner of this school. He tells her that exams are coming and asks her to take extra class. She enters the class room and gets shocked seeing Virendra there. She tells him that she will tell Principal about his intention. She brings Principal to the class room. Principal asks Virendra to write his name. Virendra writes ‘Bawri’. Purvi scolds him. He tells her that he really forgot his name. Principal tells Purvi that Virendra really need extra class because he is a weak student and leaves the room.

Renu gives milk to Satyam and asks him to study later. He tells her that he need to get a good job to give good lifestyle to her. She says that she is already happy with him and she don’t want a luxurious lifestyle but just his support. He asks her that what’s the use of that support when she is just sacrificing many things for him and he is becoming burden on her family too. She asks him to not say like that.

Heera bai calls Renu. Renu tells her that she is living respectful life and asks her to not call again. Heera bai tells her that there is a Dubai client and wants her badly. Renu tells her that she won’t return there no matter what and threatens to bring Police there. She thinks that Satyam didn’t hear her.

Virendra tells Purvi that Manas birthday coming so he organized a birthday party. She tells him that Manas will reach the palace. He says that Manas won’t come alone. She tells him that she will accompany Manas. He gets happy hearing her. Satyam wakes up in the middle of the night. He calls Heera bai and tells her that her Dubai client will get Renu but he wants more money. He thinks that his dream is big than anything.

Episode ends.

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