Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha Upcoming Story: How will Bhoomi find Kumud’s truth?


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Colors TV show Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha, is now showing Suraj feeling guilty towards Bhoomi for keeping the truth about Kumud hidden from her. Will he be able to tell her the truth?

In The previous episode Suraj told dadi how Bhoomi wanted to do shraad for Kumud. Dadi calm him down and told Bhoomi doesn’t know that Kumud is still alive. Suraj also confessed to Nirma that he felt guilty of lying to innocent person like Bhoomi who can go to any length to protect her loved ones.

Suraj was waiting for Bhoomi to come in room to ask for forgiveness. Bhoomi instead asked Suraj to forgive her. She told she knows Kumud will always be alive in his memories. She gifted him a craftwork with Suraj and Kumud engraved on it.

Rimjhim told Bhoomi that its Ram Navami and it will be celebrated at their home and Pallavi is incharge of organising it. Vikash thought he will be chief guest as each year.

Nirma said this year Bhoomi would be the chief guest because dadi wants it. Suraj and Bhoomi enacted scene of Sita Agnipariksha.

Pallavi encouraged Bhoomi and tells soon love will also bloom in their relationship. While everyone is leaving, Vikash turned off the fuse box while Bhoomi was still inside her room. Will Bhoomi be safe?

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