Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha Upcoming Story: How will Bhoomi’s innocence be proved?


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Colors TV show Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha is all set for a new drama as we see Bhoomi accepting herself that she is involved in stealing money and going to bar. Will Suraj be able to find out the truth? Who is Bhoomi trying to keep safe?

In the previous episode Bhoomi left her phone in Pallavi’s room. Pallavi received the call and person on call talked in a rowdy way asking Bhoomi when will she meet him. Vikash kept instigating family members against Bhoomi.

Suraj and Pallavi reached the lodge and asked receptionist about Bhoomi showing her picture. They found Bhoomi in the room with another guy in compromising situation.

Suraj asked Bhoomi to look into his eyes and tell whatever was happening is truth. Bhoomi kept crying and said it was true. Suraj dragged her outside and told her to leave haveli. Pallavi said Bhoomi has no where to go and they should wait for Nirma to come back.

Rimjhim said she wasn’t feeling to eat because Bhoomi must be hungry. Suraj asked DhaniRam to give Bhoomi a plate of food. Pallavi came and told that locker key was missing and also 3 lakhs ruppees.

Suraj told DhaniRam might have misplaced it while cleaning. Pallavi asked about locker keys to Dhaniram. Bhoomi said that she had taken the keys leaving everyone shocked.

Is Bhoomi trying to protect Rimjhim?

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