Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha Upcoming Story: Nirma to show her true intentions


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Colors TV show Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha left viewers shocked with revelation that Kumud and Nirma are same person. How will Bhoomi react to the truth?

In the previous episode Bhoomi complimented Suraj’s nature. Nirma said quality of her husband is that he listens to everything she says. Bhoomi got confused and asked if he is so nice why they had problems. Suraj came there in injured state. Bhoomi asked Suraj how he got hurt, he told that he fell from bike.

Manik came to meet Bhoomi. She told Bhoomi how Suraj had got those injuries while fighting with Sangram. Manik told Kumud is alive and Sangram had some picture of Kumud and Suraj which he wanted to show to Bhoomi, Suraj took it and tore it.

However he has given the torn picture to show to Bhoomi. Nirma suddenly fell unconscious. Suraj screamed Kumud and held her. Pallavi also addressed Nirma as Kumud. Bhoomi entered and was shocked to see everyone calling Nirma as Kumud.

Bhoomi felt cheated and heartbroken. Urvashi told truth about Nirma being one who had asked Suraj to do molkki and she is his first wife.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Nirma ordering Bhoomi that she cannot leave haveli as she paid for her. She will also ask Suraj to keep his marriage with Bhoomi or else she will stop her treatment.

Will Bhoomi be able to get Suraj’s love?

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