Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha Upcoming Story: Suraj’s family feels grateful towards Bhoomi


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Colors TV show Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha revolves around story of Bhoomi who became Molkki because of her situations. Finally she is being accepted as the daughter in law in haveli, will Suraj accept her as his wife too?

In the previous episode Vikash brought divorce papers. Nirma stopped Bhoomi from signing the divorce papers and said Suraj should sign the papers first. Suraj tore the divorce papers and dragged Bhoomi inside haveli. He took out gun and pointed at Bhoomi.

Rimjhim stopped Suraj and told Bhoomi was innocent and she had not done anything. Suraj said that Rimjhim was saying truth and he had seen all the cctv footage from lodge. Rimjhim entered the lodge before Bhoomi.

Rimjhim confessed how she was just acting to be nice and well mannered, but actually she had got addicted to bad habits in city life.

While Rimjhim gave money to the blackmailer, Bhoomi also reached there following her. Bhoomi tactfully took his phone and broke it. Suraj and Vikash started knocking on the door. Bhoomi his Rimjhim in the cupboard and took all the blame on herself.

Rimjhim felt guilty and apologised to Bhoomi. Dadi heartily accepted Bhoomi and Nirma told her how Suraj trusted her and this showed what value she holds for him. Is Suraj finally going to give Bhoomi place of his wife?

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