Molkki Upcoming Story : Juhi and Manas gifts Purvi to show their gratitude


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Episode begins with Purvi asks Virendra to help her to make cake for Juhi’s birthday. She says no one is here to help and also she doesn’t know how to use microwave that’s why asking him to help her. He says their family went for temple not servants so she can ask them to help her. She says they are busy with birthday party’s preparations so she can’t disturb them and asks what will happen if she messed up while using microwave and says she can’t take any risk because it’s about Juhi’s birthday party. She says she won’t force him because decision will be his only and she is just saying that Juhi will be happy to see that cake. He agrees to help her. She laughs seeing flour on his face.

When he stared her angrily she helps him to wipe those flour from his face. He stops her whenever she was about to make any mistake. He teaches her how to use microwave and leaves the kitchen. Prakashi tells Mama that Purvi would have finished her work. Anjali’s husband was about to sit beside Vaibhav in car but Anjali’s sister stops him saying he should sit with his wife and tells him that his wife waiting for him in another car. Then she sits beside Vaibhav who was sitting with Priyu. Vaibhav thinks he stuck with Anjali’s sister and Priyu. He asks Priyu to save him from Anjali’s sister so she exchanges seat with him.

Prakashi and Mama gets impressed with the decorations and praises Purvi. Purvi asks them about pooja. Prakashi says everything went well and asks what happened to her work. Purvi says her work also done and recalls how she told them to leave the house for few hours so she can make Virendra bake cake for Juhi. She says Juhi will be really happy if gets to know that her father make cake for her. Mama says Purvi also deserves credit.

Virendra asks Purvi to show the cake and they moves towards the kitchen. She asks will Juhi like this cake. He replies saying that his daughter will like it definitely. He says his kids tortured her a lot still she handled them in mature way and says she won his family members heart also. He says after giving her Molkki amount she will leave this house but he doesn’t know what will happen next and praises her a lot. Juhi and Manas says they have surprise for Juhi and takes her to their room. They gives dress and jewels to her. Juhi says her birthday party happening because of Purvi so she should also look beautiful.

Purvi tells them that Virendra helped her to make Juhi’s favorite cake. Juhi thanks her for everything. Anjali gives one key to Purvi and tells her to keep it with her safely and she will take it from her in party. Purvi gets ready for birthday party. Juhi tells her friends that her father make cake for her. Virendra hears that and smiles seeing Juhi’s happy face. Anjali tells her sister that now bomb blast will happen seeing Purvi in party. Virendra gets angry seeing Purvi.

Episode ends.