Molkki Upcoming Story : Vaibhav marries Priyu


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Episode begins with Anjali puts broken glass pieces on floor and pushes Manas on that. Manas shouts in pain. Purvi hears his voice and runs towards him leaving Priyu. She asks what happened to Manas and tells him to not cry and removes the glass pieces from his hand. She treats his wound and asks how it happened to him. He says he was playing hide and seek with other kids and someone pushed him. She asks who pushed him. He says he didn’t saw anyone. She wonders who would have pushed him and how these glass pieces came there.

Anjali intoxicates Priyu and Jyoti helps her to drag Priyu from there. Purvi thinks something is wrong definitely and tells Manas to take care of his hand. Anjali says they has to make sure that no one sees them and Jyoti has to reach the mandap wearing Priyu’s dress. Seeing Purvi , they hides behind pillar and drags Priyu to store room. Anjali tells Jyoti to wear Priyu’s dress and also the heels. Jyoti says if Virendra finds out then he won’t leave her. Anjali says once marriage happens even he can’t do anything and she will tolerate his punishments for her.

After few minutes, Jyoti comes out wearing Priyu’s dress. They locks Priyu in cupboard and says now no one can find Priyu not even Purvi. Purvi sees Anjali taking Priyu towards mandap and follows them. Someone collides with Purvi but before she falls Virendra holds her. She notices that her nuptial chain tangled in Virendra’s kurta and she tries to remove it. The she was about to leave from there but he stops her holding her hand. She asks why he stopped her. He says she can’t do kanyadhaan alone so he is going to accompany her.

Anjali makes Jyoti sit beside Vaibhav and assures him saying she handled everything so he need not to worry about anything now. Priyu regains her consciousness and wonders how she reached there and shouts for help. By mistake Purvi pours oil on Jyoti’s hand and takes her to wash her hand. Later, Virendra and Purvi sits to do kanyadhaan. Purvi gets emotional and Priest tells Priyu and Vaibhav to stand for pheres. Virendra throws flowers on Purvi and she stares him. Vaibhav ties nuptial chain on Priyu’s neck.

Priest tells Vaibhav to fill Priyu’s forehead with vermillion. Vaibhav and Anjali shocks seeing Priyu there. Jyoti comes out of the cupboard. Vaibhav fills Priyu’s forehead with vermillion and everyone claps. Purvi looks at Anjali. Anjali asks Purvi about Jyoti. Purvi says Jyoti is in store room and recalls how she suspected that someone else took Priyu’s place so she deliberately pours oil on her hand. Anjali reaches store room and asks Jyoti that how it happened. Jyoti says Purvi find out that she is under the veil and threatened her to tell about Priyu. So she took her to store room and they locked her in the cupboard.

Episode ends.