Molkki Upcoming Story : Will Purvi be able to convince Kids for her marriage?


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Colors show Molkki never failed to engage audience with its gripping storyline. Now, Purvi agreed for remarriage so it will be interesting to watch that what’s going to happen in the future episodes.

Earlier its seen that, Purvi tried her best to avoid Virendra and Sakshi noticed that. Purvi cried seeing the divorce papers and Virendra felt bad seeing her like that. Sakshi thought, she is the reason for Virendra’s misery and decided to do something for Purvi’s happiness.

Sakshi informed Virendra that after divorce Purvi deserves to lead a happy life so she wants to do her marriage. He said to her that Purvi won’t agree for it. She assured him saying she will convince her. Virendra agreed with her decision. Purvi learnt that Virendra is okay with her second marriage and for his and Sakshi’s happiness she agreed to marry again.

In the upcoming episode, Sakshi will say to Anamika that Purvi has done so much for her so she wants the best guy for Purvi. Anamika will assure her saying that she will bring best groom profiles for Purvi.

Prakashi and Anjali will overhear their conversation. Prakashi will say to Anjali that Sakshi become mad. Anjali will tell her that they can use this in their favor and will tell the plan to her. Sakshi will taunt them for eavesdropping.

Sakshi will inform Virendra that Purvi agreed for marriage. He will get disappointed hearing her. Purvi and Virendra will play hide and seek with Kids again. Purvi will ask Virendra that can he see her with someone else. He will tell her that he just wants her happiness so he is ready to tolerate his pain.

Purvi and Sakshi will inform Kids about Purvi’s marriage. Kids will decide to stop Purvi from leaving the house so they will spoil all the alliances who comes to see Purvi. Sakshi will learn about it and will question Kids.

What is Anjali’s plan? Will Kids realise their mistake?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Molkki, stay tuned to this space.