Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 13th July 2022 Written Update: Saumya to become a storyteller of Jashan and Jahan’s classmates


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 13th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan agreeing to Anjoori’s condition. Prisha goes to Armaan and asks him what happened. Armaan tells that his decision to not to save Harsh lead Anjoori to give his permission to meet him. He also adds that no one can fail to fall for his charms. Prisha tells Armaan that they have to celebrate this. Armaan agrees and they both goes downstairs and gets surprised seeing Harsh entering the house. Armaan goes and hugs him.

 He tells that he is sure that he will return home but he returned this soon. Harsh separates himself from Armaan and thanks him for not doing anything to help him. Armaan tells Harsh that he knows well that he needs to keep his image clean so he didn’t helped him neither defended also asks him how did he get bail this soon and came out of the prison. He then looks at Sushma and tells that he don’t think Sushma is behind all this and says he is sure that it must be Harsh who did something.

Sushma tells Armaan that he once again failed to realise the power of a woman. Armaan gets confused and asks is that mean Sushma is the one who helped Harsh. Sushma tells it’s not her but someone else and says its Saumya. Armaan and Prisha gets shocked. Other side the reporter asks Saumya why did she has taken back her complaint against Harsh is that because she is mentally unstable.

Saumya smiles and tells that she has given a chance to Harsh to confess his crimes and he also agreed even after learning he will lose his silence. He regrets his actions so she don’t want to punish him more. She further says that it’s not Harsh alone but someone also involved in this to prove her meantall unstable. Reporter asks who it is. Saumya tells soon they will get to know the person behind this. She also promises to punish that person. The media asks her is she planning to patch up with Armaan after she gives Harsh’s confession paper copy. Saumya smiles and tells nothing such will never happen.

In Oberoi mansion Harsh tells Armaan that he had no other option but to agree to every condition of Saumya to come out of the prison if he helped him then he would have never had to be in this situation in which he may going to lose his license. Prisha asks why did Saumya helped when she is the one who is behind all this. Armaan tells Harsh that he don’t have patience that’s why he didn’t wait for him to bail him out instead agreed to Saumya’s conditions and came out of the prison.

 Harsh tells that he can’t believe even after all this happened he is putting all the blame on him but he isn’t surprised as he is the one who thought him so he is having a taste of his own medicine. Sushma advices Armaan to realise his mistake and apologises to Saumya Saumya before he lose everything. Prisha defends Armaan by saying that its not Armaan but Saumya who is supposed to apologise to Armaan and she is the one who is wrong here. Sushma smiles and tells if they have known the real meaning of right and wrong then by now they should have understood the meaning of every relationships.

Harsh asks Sushma to not to waste her time by talking to them. He then tells Armaan for him his son is dead and leaves the place. Saumya in her house tells Malini and Shilpi that she received a call from Goldie. Shilpi gets excited and asks the reason behind him called her. Saumya tells that herafter he can able to meet her kids whenever she wants because Goldie pasted the confession paper copy everywhere in the school. Malini reminds her about the hatred Jashan and Jahan have for her. Saumya tells that she will change their hatred into love one day and she can’t wait for her kids to accept her and hug her.

Prisha enters Armaan’s room where the latter is looking at his fiance. She complaints that nowadays he is not being romantic with her and forcibly sit on his lap. Armaan puts her down and tells her that he needs to do something about their financial state so that he can able to crack a deal with Anjoori and get the books rights.

Prisha tells him that he will manage it but Armaan tells her that he don’t have any savings and the house is on Harsh’s name who is upset with him so he wont let him mortgage the house so he needs to do something. He also advices Prisha to cover her dark circles so that no one will learn about their financial state. Prisha worries about her future. The next day Saumya goes to Jashan and Jahan’s school and their teacher introduces Saumya as their new story teller. Saumya asks the kids in which genre they want to hear a story.

Jashan and Jahan calls her mean mom. The other kids says that they want to hear musical story so Saumya sings and dances with them also tries to include Jashan and Jahan. They both applies a gum on a nearby chair and make Saumya put her hand on it. Saumya removes her hand after so much difficulties. She then asks Jashan and Jahan that they are the one who behind this right. They both lies no. Saumya tells them that she knows its them and the kids looks on worried.

Precap: Armaan goes to meet Anjoori and tells her that he is happy to meet her. Saumya reveals her identity and taunts Armaan. She also tells him for him she is Anjoori not Saumya and tells him that he have no other option but to agree to her conditions to get her books copyright through which only he can able to save his both family and business. Armaan looks on stunned.

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