Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 16th June 2022 Written Update: Armaan calls Saumya a greedy woman in the court


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 16th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan says when he said that he denied Prisha didn’t come to the resort. He also says that he is the one who called Prisha to bring him an important document. Goldie asks that Prisha isn’t his PA then which right he asked Prisha to bring him a document. Armaan tells that he considers Prisha as his friend so in that basis he asked Prisha to bring him that important document.

He says that he can’t believe that Saumya could accuse him like this for taking a help from his friend. He also tells that he afraid that in the future Saumya may demand money from him using their children so he don’t want such things to happen and asks the judge to give him the rights to take care of his children. He also asks Saumya to ask him whatever she wants he will give it to her.

Saumya gets furious and asks Armaan to stop taking nonsense and tells the judge she wants nothing from Armaan all she want is to be with her children so pleads the judge to pass the judgment on her favor to get back her children. She also tells Armaan that he is the one who trapped her and betrayed her by having an affair with another women also now insulting her and humiliating her to prove his point and manipulate the judge. Saumya also tells the judge that her children born seven days back only. They need their mother in this time and a mother can do anything for him.

Armaan mocks Saumya and tells the judge that she is not like a writer or else he could have tell a poem just like Saumya. He then tells that Saumya don’t have a job now which means she isn’t earning anything and the house which she is in she may have been thrown out of it at any time so he dont want his babies to suffer and go through all this. Other hand he have the money to take care of his babies needs. He will fulfill the needs of the babies using the money he has. He also tells for the last seven days his babies are taken good care by the nannies who is giving them a formula milk and tells the children those who don’t have a mother since the day they born also get used to the formula milk and grow up so he is sure his babies also get used to all this.

Goldie asks Armaan who is taking care of the babies. Armaan tells the nannies are taking care of his babies also giving them formula milk. Goldie tells that the babies are actually having their mother’s milk and with the judge permission calls the nanny and asks her about the milk they are giving to the babies. The nanny tells the babies are having their mother’s milk sent by Saumya shocking Armaan and Harsh.

Goldie taunts Armaan saying he may have thousands of proof against Saumya to show himself as a superior one but this very thing that the babies are having their mother’s milk only for that Saumya is doing everything in her power tells a lot. He further says he himself went to Armaan’s house to give the milk which Saumya sent through him for the babies and Armaan’s family members are aware of it. Armaan and Harsh glares at Kashish and she looks away from them. Goldie tells the judge that Armaan refused to give Saumya her hard earned money because of which she has to perform a dangerous stunt to prove herself to everyone that a mother can do anything for her babies so asks the judge to give the verdicts in favor of Saumya.

The judge asks both Armaan and Saumya to take their seat. She then tells the baby’s are too young so she is giving an order the baby’s has to be with Saumya until this case final verdict comes. She also tells Armaan can meet his baby’s in a day for an hour. She also asks Armaan to give Saumya her salary within ninety days and tells everyone the next hearing will be in next seven days.

In Oberoi mansion  Sushma gives the baby’s to Saumya and asks her to love them unconditionally for the time she lost to spend with them. Saumya makes a promise to her baby’s to take good care of them. Armaan tells Saumya to be not to get too happy over this small victory because he will get his baby’s back to him at any cost. Saumya tells Armaan that they both knows he can never able to give their children the love which she giving them so why can’t he leave her and the baby’s and start his life with Prisha who he claims to be in love. She also advices him to put his ego aside and think about this then leaves the house. The Verma’s takes good care of the  babies. Shimmy comes to meet Saumya. She apologises to her for not helping her when she came to her earlier. She then tells the one person who can give her an opportunity to become a writer is Veena and she has to meet Veena today itself.

 Saumya gets happy and thanks Shimmy. She then goes to meet Veena. She thinks once she gets a job she can able to learn a lot from Veena. She waits for Veena. The latter comes there with a man following behind her pleading her to write a show that will increase his TV shows TRP but Veena taunts him. Saumya looks on worried.

Precap: Armaan tells Harsh that he is going to take Prisha’s help to get back his babies from Saumya. Saumya reaches a place with her baby’s. Prisha malfunctions the baby stroller in which the baby’s are. Saumya gets shocked and screams my baby’s.

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