Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 15th July 2022 Written Update: Goldie gets upset with Saumya’s decision


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The episode starts with Armaan taking the contact from Goldie he then signs the paper. Goldie thanks and congratulates him. Saumya takes the pen from Armaan’s hand then sign the divorce papers. She then gives it to Armaan and asks him to fulfill her second condition. Armaan asks her if she don’t want to live with him and stay with him then what is the need to sign and tear it apart.

Saumya tells Armaan that even she wants to give him divorce but in return she want the children’s custody. Armaan tells that will never happen even if he agrees to her condition but Jashan and Jahan will never agree to stay with her because she is a mean mother. He then tears the divorce papers into pieces.

Armaan then tells Saumya that she get fifty one percent share of their partnership but how come she is going to handle it. Saumya reminds him that even he told about her writing the same way but she proved him wrong. Armaan warns her about the consequences. Saumya tells Armaan that he needs to accept that woman can do anything and keep his male ego aside. She then asks him to be in her office the next day sharp 9am.

 Armaan agrees then leaves the place angrily. Goldie asks Saumya why did she made Armaan tear the divorce papers. They would have used it on their favor to get divorce after that they could have even get an opportunity to win the children’s custody. Saumya tells Goldie that her relationship with Armaan ended five years back so the paper holds no meaning for her.

 Now all her focus is to let her children realise that their mother is not a mean woman like their father told them also she wants them to accept her and love her unconditionally and she dont want them to take her with her forcibly. She also tells that she will make sure that Armaan confesses his crimes also he is the one who trapped her and falsely proved her as a mentally ill person.

Armaan throws the photo frame to the ground which breaks into pieces. Prisha tells that she cant believe that Anjoori is none other than Saumya. Armaan tells Prisha that Saumya is playing a game against him which isn’t good. He also tells that he is going to trap her and make her life a living hell as he still have upper hand in this game because he have trump card against Saumya which is his kids.

Prisha tells Armaan that Saumya is planning something big against him that’s why she refused to give divorce. Armaan gets angry and tells that he wont let her successful. The next day Saumya asks the kids now which type of story they want to hear. She then notices Jashan and Jahan is not there so asks the other kids and they says they have no idea. Jashan and Jahan sees Saumya from outside.

Jahan signs at Jashan. Jashan runs from there. Jahan goes inside the classroom and tells Saumya that Jashan went to take a football from the store room but he isn’t returned yet. Saumya gets worried so goes with Jahan to find Jashan. Jahan stops outside the room and tells he wont come inside because the room is dark so Saumya asks him to wait outside and enters the room. Jashan comes there and helps Jahan to lock Saumya inside. They both laughs and gives hifi to each other.

Saumya realises that Jashan and Jahan trapped her. She asks them to open the door but they both refuses and mocks her by challenging her to come outside. Saumya acts and tells Jashan and Jahan there are so many toys inside which will help her to entertain herself and thanks them for locking her inside. She also makes sound of train and plane. Jashan and Jahan gets surprised. Jashan insists Jahan to open the door but the latter reminds him about Armaan’s words against Saumya.

Saumya pretends to enjoy which leads Jashan and Jahan to open the door. They both realises that Saumya fooled them. Jahan gets upset and angry with Saumya but Jashan requests Saumya to make plane and train sound. Saumya makes the sound which makes Jashan happy. Jahan forcibly takes Jashan with him but Jashan’s cloth get stuck with Saumya and the latter helps him too remove it after they both leaves she hopes to change her kids hatred into love soon.

In Oberoi mansion Sushma tells Kashish that both Armaan and Harsh are upset and angry with each other so she decides to have a family dinner together which will ease the tension between them. Harsh comes and takes his place in the dinner table. Armaan comes there but after seeing Harsh is there he refuses to have food and leave the place. Harsh also leaves the place without having dinner.

Prisha comes there and scolds Sushma for upsetting Armaan. She also tells her that Saumya is Anjoori who is hell bent on ruining Armaan’s life. She also complains how Saumya wishes to treat Armaan like a puppet. Sushma gets happy learning that Saumya is Anjoori. She also tells the Oberoi’s ruined Saumya’s life and snatched everything that belongs to her so maybe this is their punishment for what they did to her.

 Prisha gets angry and tells Sushma that she won’t let Saumya ruin Armaan’s happy and peaceful life and leaves the place. Saumya sees her kids photo in her phone and kisses them. She then sees Prisha is there so she tells her that she knows she is going to visit her. Prisha tells she isn’t a writer like her so she will directly ask her one question and that is why she come back In Armaan’s life. Saumya tells Prisha that they both are legally tied together and Armaan may fail to keep their relationship with love but with hatred she will keep their relationship which shocks Prisha. Saumya smiles at her.

Precap: Saumya makes an announcement in media that Armaan is going to work under her. Armaan gets angry hearing it. Prisha asks the kids to do what she asks them to if they does then she will take them to an amusement park. Jashan and Jahan gets happy and listens to Prisha’s word to trouble Saumya.

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