Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 15th March 2022 Written Update: Soumya is in a dilemma


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 15th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Sushma scolds Saumya as she mistook Tara as a maid. Soumya gets shocked. Sushma tells her that Tara is the widow of her elder son Avinash. Soumya apologizes to Tara. She says that she always saw Tara doing household chores and even Prince never called her mother. Mahi says that if she did the household chores, would she have considered her as a maid too. Soumya refuses.

She says that she has made a big mistake. Sushma tells Saumya that she wanted to get her first kitchen ceremony done but according to her, all these are servant’s work. Soumya refuses and apologizes to her. Sushma tells Saumya that today she will have to do all the household chores and cook lunch. Soumya agrees to do this. They all leave from there. Saumya wants to talk to Armaan but Armaan leaves without listening to her.

He further goes to his father and tells that Saumya has made a big mistake and now she will try to rectify her mistake but he will not let it happen. He asks his father if he wants to eat his favourite dish. Armaan’s father does not understand his point. Armaan says it’s time to make Saumya the perfect daughter-in-law. Saying this he goes to Saumya and says that she should make everyone happy by making everyone’s favourite food.

Soumya likes his idea. She goes to everyone and asks them what they want to eat for lunch. Sushma asks her to cook food as her father-in-law’s wish. Armaan’s father asks Soumya to cook chicken. Soumya gets shocked hearing this. She goes to the kitchen. She meets Tara there and apologizes to her. Tara forgives her. Soumya tells her that she does not know how to cook chicken.

Tara is about to help her but Sushma interrupts her. She asks her to leave from there. Tara leaves from there. Whereas Saumya gets nervous seeing the chicken ahead. Armaan sees it and says that he knows that she is veg so he asks him to make it as punishment. Next, Armaan comes to the kitchen and asks Saumya what happened. She tells him that she does not know how to cook chicken.

Armaan thinks that she should tell this to Sushma. Soumya says that she cannot talk to Sushma about this. Armaan says to Saumya that he can help her. Soumya gets happy hearing this. Later they both start cooking together. He further tells her that now she has to make only gravy. Soumya says fine. Here Armaan tells his father that soon Saumya will turn into a cat from a lioness.

Precap: Armaan wants to change Saumya. While Saumya thinks that Armaan loves her simplicity.

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