Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 18th February 2022 Written Update: Armaan gets hurt


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 18th February 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Prisha gets happy seeing Armaan. She thinks that Armaan will propose to her but Armaan proposes to Saumya. Soumya and Prisha are shocked. Soumya’s parents also come there. Armaan says that she is a different girl. She is very nice and can’t believe that anyone as good as her can be, who thinks so much about others. He says that she is his true soulmate. And he wants to spend a beautiful life with her.

He gets down on his knees. He says that he wants to give her the place in his heart that he has not given to anyone to date. He asks her to marry him. Soumya takes the ring from her hand but she is still nervous. Armaan gets happy. But Saumya says that she cannot marry him. Everyone is shocked to hear this. She asks him to take back his ring. Mami gets happy seeing this.

Malini asks Saumya whether Saumya has gone mad who is refusing such a good man. Malini tells Armaan that she accepts this relationship. Sushma says but she doesn’t like Saumya. Saumya wants to explain her point to them but Armaan leaves from there. Soumya follows him but Armaan’s father stops her. He says that he has already insulted him a lot so now she does not need to talk to him.

Armaan’s sister says that they should leave from here. While his father says that these people did not have the status to stand with them but they still gave them so much respect even though she insulted them severely. He starts using bad words about their family. Soumya stops him and says that he is talking too much now. Sushma taunts Saumya that she thought she would be good but she turned out to be a villain.

She adds that Saumya should watch Armaan’s serial so that she knows how to become a good daughter-in-law. Then she looks at Malini and tells Malini that it is good that she has seen her daughter’s colours now because if she gets married to Armaan, her house will be ruined. Malini gets sad hearing this. While Soumya’s father apologizes to her. Sushma says that they should stay away from their family.

Saying this they leave from there. Prisha tells Saumya that if she wanted to reject Armaan then why was she trying to impress him. Shalu says that Saumya must have done magic on Armaan. Prakash asks her not to say such things. While Prisha says that he has ruined her life. Soumya asks her to calm down but she does not keep quiet. Shalu tells Malini that she has not given Saumya any good values.

Precap: Soumya wonders how she apologized to Armaan. Further, the media spread this thing that a common girl rejected Armaan.

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