Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 18th July 2022 Written Update: Saumya’s interview during media meet angers Armaan


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 18th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya telling Prisha it’s her who came between her and Armaan. She didn’t questioned her then she should also stop questioning her. Prisha tells Saumya that she don’t want to start an argument as she is here to talk about the future. She also tells her that Armaan loves her. Saumya tells Prisha that Armaan loves himself only and she wishes that Prisha realises this soon.

Prisha acts and cries infront of Saumya. Saumya gives her a tissue and tells her that she knows what’s real and fake. She also praises her act and tells now she knows everything so asks her to stop acting. Prisha tells Saumya that she gave an offer to Armaan in a similar way she is giving her an offer and says her to give divorce to Armaan and once she marries Armaan she will give everything whatever she wishes. She then says that she knows she wants her kids back so after she gets married to Armaan she will create a situation for the kids because of which they will start hating Armaan also comes to her and asks her is she agrees to her this deal.

Saumya slaps her and tells her that she wants her kids to accept her for the love she has for them and she don’t want her kids to learn to hate another person and get back to her. She also tells Prisha that she don’t need her help to get back to her kids as her mother love is more than enough so asks her to not to bring her kids into the dirty politics games. She then asks her to leave the house. Prisha leaves the place angrily.

The next day Saumya seeks God’s blessings also looks at her kids photos. Malini comes there and feeds her curd and sugar for good luck. Saumya notices Malini is scared so asks her the reason behind it. Malini tells she is worried because she is once again going to stay beside Armaan and they both are going to work together even after knowing what Armaan is capable of doing.

Saumya tells Malini before that Armaan defeated her because she was a lovely caring wife but now Armaan will realise Saumya is a mother of two kids and she can go extend to do anything for the kids also she knows about Armaan’s game plans so Armaan stand any chance to defeat her so she don’t have to worry about it. In the office Saumya asks the people in the meeting room that they can start the meeting right? Armaan’s P.A tells her that Armaan isn’t here yet. Armaan comes there with Prisha.

 Saumya tells Armaan that he is five minutes late for the meeting. Armaan ignores that and tells that Prisha will assist him in this project and helps her to take a seat with the other’s. Saumya stops Prisha from taking a seat and asks Prisha to tell her whether she read her novel yet. Prisha lies yes. Saumya questions which part of the story she liked the most. Prisha looks at Armaan then tells Saumya that this is a story about a strong woman which is inspiring. Saumya tells her that this isn’t a story about a strong woman but it’s about a strong independent mother’s. She then tells that Prisha hadn’t read the story so she isn’t allowed to join this creative meeting. Armaan tells Saumya but he wants Prisha to be his side though.

Saumya tells the people in the meeting have talent of their own and Prisha is his girlfriend other than that she don’t have any idea about this project so if she becomes a part of this project then it will be an insult to all the other people in this room and makes Prisha leave the room. Saumya then reminds Armaan that he needs to oblige whatever she says related to this project and she will be the one who take the final decision. She then starts discussing the project with the other people and Armaan looks at her from his place.

Sushma talks to someone over the call and assures them that she will deliver their order on time and happily tells Kashish that she get another order and the business is growing. Harsh comes there and demands money from Sushma saying he needs to go to club and his bank accounts are seized. Sushma gives him money but Prisha takes the money from them and asks Harsh to be ashamed of asking money from his wife.

 Harsh wants her but Prisha tells him and Sushma and other’s that she has given her five years to them so she won’t leave Armaan also asks Harsh to not to raise his voice agaisnt her and expects her to to act like Saumya because she isn’t. She then leaves the place with Sushma’s money. Kashish asks her parents what’s happening. Sushma looks at Harsh but he looks away. Saumya asks her team to give their opinion.

Her P.A comes and tells the media learnt about her collaboration with Armaan so they wants to talk to her. Armaan tells Saumya that handling media and the fans aren’t easy also says that they all are excited about the project that is going to produced under Oberoi’s production then goes out to meet the reporters meawhile Saumya receives a message from Goldie as per their plan he sent the media. Armaan greets the reporters and talks to them excitedly about the project but they ignores him and goes to Saumya shocking Armaan.

The reporters questions Saumya the reason behind her collaboration with Armaan. Saumya tells them its a professional  collaboration also calls Armaan as a failed producer. She also talks about Armaan’s financial condition and her kids are staying with him only so when he came her her and pleaded her this opportunity she gave it to him but she has fifty one percent of share so Armaan is working under her.

She then asks Armaan to join her. Armaan controls his anger and tells the media that he indeed requested Saumya to gave him this opportunity. He also tells one of the reason Saumya gave him this opportunity is because she knows the respect he has for women. Saumya and Armaan looks at each other.

Precap: Prisha tells the kids told Saumya is the reason behind them get locked inside the store room so herafter they should stop Saumya from visiting them. Armaan lashes out at Saumya for the interview she has given to the media. Saumya threatens Armaan but the latter broke a glass object and shouts at Saumya to shut up.

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