Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 18th May 2022 Written Update: Armaan supports Sushma


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 18th May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Harsh learns that Saumya was also accompanying Sushma in her business. He asks who else was supporting Sushma. Tara comes there and says that she has also supported Sushma. Harsh asks Sushma what was missing in this house which she started working on. Sushma says that he gave her this house and clothes but never gave respect. She says she has done all this to get respect.

She reminds him that he told her to show him by earning Rs.2000 then she will know the value of money. She says that today she earns Rs.60000 and she has come to know her own value more than the value of money. She says that he can keep all her money but he should not take away her work from her. Harsh says that this house is his and she cannot work here. Soumya tells Harsh that she had promised him that she would give him whatever she wanted from him, so today she wants Sushma to do this work.

Armaan asks Harsh to accept Sushma’s work. Harsh says ok and leaves from there. Harsh later asks Armaan why he supported Sushma. Armaan says that his new show is based on this, so he supported Sushma. He tells him that the business may close soon. He asks him to chill and says that he will have a party. Goldie comes there and asks about what happened.

Armaan says Sushma’s business is set so he is about to party. He tells him that tomorrow is also Soumya’s baby shower, so she will have to attend tomorrow’s party as well. Here Prisha is getting ready to go to Saumya’s house. Shalu comes there and asks Prisha why she has been so prepared. She tells her that since when she has been following Armaan but nothing is happening. Prisha says that she has become the habit of Armaan.

After this Prisha comes to Saumya’s house. Neelu is applying mehendi with Saumya. Prisha shows her some mehandi designs. Neelu says that this is the same girl who gave news to the media against Saumya but still Saumya forgives her forgetting everything. Soumya says this is an old thing so they too should forget everything. Further Prisha leaves from there. Armaan goes after her.

He sees Prisha is crying. He tells her that she should not feel bad about everything. Prisha says that she is feeling sad because soon he will leave her. Armaan says this is never going to happen. Prisha further helps Mahi and Shilpi to teach dance. Prisha looks at Armaan and says that she knows that Armaan is feeling bad for her so she should take the next step soon.

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