Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Saumya decides to open a production house of her own


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya opening the door and finding Armaan out of her house. Armaan enters the house and asks about his kids. He then tells Saumya that he went to a book store and find her favorite author’s book so he decides to gift her the book. Saumya asks him what is the need to gift her a book.

 Armaan tells her to not to think that he is trying to flirt with her because if it’s his intention then he would have bought her a diamond necklace or something. Saumya mocks at him saying for that he needs money and as far as she knows his financial state is not that great. Armaan gets angry but controls it. He tells her that he likes her sense of humor. He then tells that he has his own house which is worth seventy crores.

Saumya tells him the house belongs to Harsh and he ans Harsh isn’t in good terms with one another nowadays. She further tells him that she knows well that now he mortgaged his office and took loan out of it for the show they are producing together. Armaan forces a smile and asks Saumya to thank him for his thoughtful gift he bought for her once she has done talking bitter. Saumya smiles and tells Armaan that she is happy that he bought her favorite author book. She then suggests that they can take a selfie together.

Armaan tells he isn’t looking that great. He also questions from when did she starts using social media. Saumya tells him that they have to change themselves according to the changes that’s happening around them and tells him that she has her fans. She also tells him that she wants to entertain her fans with her recent activities. She adds that she will add filters in the background. She then tells the fans are here to see what’s happening in her life so their sole focus will be on her so he don’t have to worry about the way he looks.

 Armaan smiles at her and recalls the similar incident that happened years back when Saumya was pregnant. Saumya and Armaan takes selfie together. Saumya sees Prisha at her doorstep then takes one more selfie with Armaan. Prisha enters the house and asks him what is he doing here because he told her he is going to meet his friend. Armaan warns her.

 Saumya smirks. Prisha controls her anger and recalls Armaan’s lie about the gift he bought and now it’s with Saumya. Armaan goes to bring Jashan and Jahan. Prisha asks Saumya is she repeating the history deliberately. Saumya says yes and tells her about who is Armaan Oberoi also warns her. Saumya kisses the kids and they leave the house with Armaan followed by Prisha.

Later in the office Saumya tells Goldie that Armaan thinks that he can impress her with his charm but he isn’t aware what her plans are. She also tells him that Armaan 5thinks that once again she will fall into his game plans against her but he forget the time has changed and so everything around them so she isn’t someone who can get easily fooled by Armaan.

 Goldie tells Saumya once the legal formalities are over then there will be no hurdle for her to open her own production house. Saumya tells by the time  Armaan realises what’s happening around him and tells Goldie that Armaan is sending the kids over her house also trying to get into her good books to get her stories access but soon he will understand the shows will be made under her own production house. She also hopes this time the court verdict will come on her favor.

Goldie reminds her that anything can happen. Saumya tells him that she wants Armaan’s I me myself myself egoistic self to broke for that reason only she is doing all this. Goldie wishes her best. Other side Prisha goes to Armaan and tells him that she wants to talk to him and asks him why he is lying to her in the first place. Armaan asks her not to irritate him with her stupid questions and tells her one show isn’t enough for him to pay the loans. Prisha mocks ar Armaan by calling him a loser and tells him that she isn’t Saumya who used to believe him in the past. Armaan in anger throws the glass on the wall and it will get shattered around them.

Armaan warns Prisha to not to cross her limits and tells her that she is living under his roof also he needs to take care of everyone’s needs including her’s so he has to get into the good side of Saumya then leaves the room. Sushma advices Prisha to learn from her mistakes but the latter refuses saying she will get Armaan back.

Armaan receives a call from the channel head who fixes as an appointment for him to meet them to discuss about his story with Saumya also their next three projects. Armaan agrees for the meeting. He calls his PA and asks her to keep Saumya busy and the scolds her for getting nervous. He then calls Saumya and lies to her the meeting is day after tomorrow and he want the concept note.

Saumya agrees to give him what he asked her to. She then tells Goldie that Armaan will never change. She tells that Armaan telling her the meeting is day after tomorrow but he forget one thing the time has changed and the channel will inform her about this first then Armaan. Goldie asks Saumya to not to give the concept notes to Armaan. Saumya tells him that she wants to see whether he is going to save his self respect he has now or else he is going to get humiliated again in the meeting and smirks. Armaan on the other side looks on with determination.

Precap: Armaan explains the story but the creative team gets upset and leaves the place. Saumya taunts Armaan and the latter looks at her confusedly.

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