Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Saumya and Prisha gets into an argument


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya tells when it comes to her babies she will turn a family drama into a action drama. She also tells that Sushma wanted to conduct this puja for their babies that’s the reason she agreed to get to sit beside him in that puja. If he has problem then he can leave. Prisha asks Saumya to talk to Armaan in a polite way not in a disrespectful way because she can’t tolerate it.

Saumya asks Prisha who ste is to talk to her this way. She also asks Prisha and Armaan’s relationship status. She further asks her when they both goes out how Armaan introducing her. Prisha and Armaan both warns her not to cross the limits. Saumya taunts them and asks Prisha doesn’t she know that she shouldn’t go to a house where she isn’t invited and says Armaan is treated in a respectful manner because he is an invited guest unlike her who is uninvited. She then drags Prisha out of the house.

Armaan tells Saumya that he is the one who brought Prisha with him then how can she throw her out. Saumya tells this is her house so she will decide who has to stay and who has to leave. If he wants then he can leave because she is capable of doing the puja alone. Armaan says to Saumya that Sushma told both the parents have to be part of this puja. Saumya asks Armaan is he really think that without his presence she can’t able to complete this puja.

 She says that she is fighting alone as an independent women and mother to get back her babies so it’s not that hard for her to become both parents to their babies and complete the puja. She then takes the baby’s in her hands and tells that hereafter she will be both mother and father for her baby’s. Armaan moves towards Saumya but Goldie stops him and tells him about the consequences of his action. Armaan threatens both Saumya and Goldie saying he will ruin both of their life and career. Goldie mocks him which angers Armaan.

Armaan asks Sushma to come with him to their house but the latter says she is the one who suggested the puja so until the puja is over she wont leave. Armaan gets angry and about to tell something but Harsh stops him and tells him that they can talk about this in their house then glares at Sushma who looks down. He blesses the baby’s and leaves the house with Armaan and Prisha.

Saumya sits with her baby’s to perform the puja. Her father asks the priest to start the puja saying the mother of the baby’s will perform the puja as both father and mother which makes Saumya emotional. On the way to home Prisha asks Armaan to drop her in the house saying that she is not feeling good so Armaan agrees and drops her then leaves the place. Prisha tells that she will teach a lesson to Saumya for insulting her like this earlier.

 The priest asks the name of the baby’s to Saumya and the latter names them as Jahan and Jashan and tells the meaning that one of her son is her world and another one is her happiness of her world. Verma’s Sushma and Goldie gets happy hearing it also likes the names. Armaan in his house recalls Saumya’s words while drinking and gets angry. Malini asks Saumya to call her father to know about her father’s whereabouts but the latter assures her he will return home. Saumya receives a call from someone who acts as a delivery partner. He asks Saumya to come down and collect the products which is under a gift wrap.

 Saumya hesitates first but agrees to go downstairs. She asks Malini to keep an eye on her baby’s then leaves the place. Saumya comes down and calls the person. Prisha watches her from her hiding spot then goes inside without Saumya’s knowledge. She sees Malini is in the kitchen so she distracts her by throwing things in the other room when Malini comes to check Prisha goes inside the kitchen and put the oil in a high flame and adds so many chillies then puts the baby’s near the kitchen then leaves the house.

Saumya finds no one is downstairs so she goes to her house and gets shocked seeing the house is filled with the smoke. She calls out her mother then takes the babies away from there. Later she scolds her mother for being careless but Malini tells her that she didn’t done anything such that will harm the babies. Saumya realises it’s done by someone deliberately and tells Malini she is sure Armaan is behind this so Malini xalls Sushma and tells her everything that happened.

Sushma goes to Armaan and gives him a warning to not to harm her grandsons. Armaan gets shocked learning whatever happened to his babies. He gets furious so goes to Prisha’s house where he strangles her and confronts her for her idea to put his baby’s life in danger. Prisha defends herself but Armaan warns her not to think like Saumya and asks her to do what he says then leaves the house. Prisha’s mother asks Prisha to leave Armaan but the latter says its Armaan who will make Saumya’s life as a hell so she wants him only.

 The next day Veena asks Saumya to sign the contract which the latter asked her. Saumya gets shocked when the clauses says that Saumya has to work for three years with Veena but she will be only an assistant writer so she wont get the recognition for her work. Saumya questions Veena but the latter tells she is paying her for that also tells she never gives contract though especially to her assistants so now it’s her choice to decide what she wants. Saumya looks on shocked.

Precap: Armaan Saumya and Prisha will be seen in a party. Armaan says to Saumya that no one in the industry will hire her as a writer for the show but the latter challenges him. Saumya then sings a song around Armaan. Armaan and Prisha acts like they are bored with Saumya’s performance.

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