Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Saumya thinks to help Simi


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 23rd March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Saumya and Armaan come to the hotel. The hotel manager welcomes Soumya and Armaan. Armaan tells Saumya if she ever thought that she was going to get such a lavish welcome. Soumya refuses and says that she does not need all this as she is happy with him. Then Saumya and Armaan enter their room. Saumya gets happy seeing her room as it is very beautiful.

Whereas Armaan does not like that room as it is not the room which he has booked. Soumya tells Armaan that this room is beautiful so they don’t need to change the room. Armaan says that he is a director and whatever he does becomes news. And if she likes this room she can stay here. Saying this, Armaan leaves from there. Saumya gets sad as she made Armaan sad again.

She calls Sushma and asks her what Armaan likes. Sushma says that she does not know about all this as she has never gone out on vacation. But still, she tells Soumya about Armaan’s likings. Soumya thanks her and hangs up the phone. Then she calls someone and asks if he is Mr Mehra. He answers yes. Soumya says that they need his help. Me Mehra agrees to help her.

Then Saumya decorates Armaan’s room the way Armaan likes it. Armaan gets shocked when he comes to his room. Soumya asks him if he liked all this. He says yes. He asks her how did she get this idea. Soumya says that she is a writer so she has a lot of ideas. Then they both share a romantic moment. While further Armaan remembers that he has promised himself that he will stay away from her till Saumya becomes the perfect wife.

Armaan turns away from Saumya. Soumya asks him what happened. He says that he has a problem with this room and cannot stay here. While Soumya asks him to calm down. Armaan says that Saumya has to raise her standards as she is now his wife. He goes there in anger. Soumya gets sad. Armaan says that every time he rejects Saumya, her confidence will be broken and this is what he wants.

In the morning Armaan wakes up Saumya. Simi calls Armaan. He asks them to do all her work properly. She says fine. Saumya feels that Armaan works a lot and she appreciates him. Later Armaan takes Saumya to Obroi telefilms. She gets happy. Later Simi tells Armaan that their writer has gone out of town and they are unable to create new scenes.

Precap: Saumya helps Simi and thinks that Armaan will appreciate her but he yells at her.

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