Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 25th July 2022 Written Update: Armaan learns about Saumya’s game plan against him


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 25th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya entering the office room. Saumya asks Vimmy who told her about the meeting. Before he could reply she gets interrupted by a phone call she tells someone on the call that Saumya is in Armaan’s cabin. The director arrives there. Vimmy introduces them to each other. She then asks Saumya to explain her story to director it will be easier for him to direct easily. She then asks whether they need any drinks or something. Saumya denies it. Vimmy leaves the room.

Saumya starts narrates the story to the Director. Armaan enters and greets both Saumya and the director. He tells her that the creative meeting is today. Saumya pretends to get shocked and asks him why he didn’t tell her and reminds him that he is the one who told her the meeting is tomorrow. Armaan tells Saumya that she must have misunderstands it and says the meeting is today.

 Saumya tells now she cant able to meet the creative head as she need to explain and narrate the concept of the story so asks Armaan to postpone it. Armaan tells her that this is their first meeting with channel so they can’t make a bad impression by postponing the meeting to the next day. He then tells Saumya that he will narrate the concept to the channel head because he already read her book.

 Saumya refuses to accept his idea by saying she is a writer also nowadays they have to live upto this generations expectations and she thinks they need to spice up the story to get the people’s attention. Armaan gets confused and tells her that he thinks its not needed though. Saumya tells him to stop living in the past and tells him because of this mentality only he lost his position in this industry and asks him to upgrade his thought to this generation people. She then put the pen drive on the table and tells Armaan the concept is here and there are changes that’s also been made. Armaan tells her that he will go through it on his way to meet the channel head and leaves the place taking the pen drive. Saumya hides her smirk.

Armaan enters the office room where Mr.Kapadiya and his assistant is already there. They greets one another. Both of them asks Armaan about Saumya’s whereabouts to which Armaan tells them that Saumya forget that they have a meeting today with them. He also tells that Saumya is busy but she told him that she will try to reach but he don’t think its possible so he is ready to narrate them the concept of the show.

Mr.Kapadiya gives his approval so Armaan tells him and the other person this generation wants a thriller show so they have to start the show by the female lead killing her husband after that slowly they have to resolve the mystery behind her decision of killing her husband. Mr.Kapadiya and the person gets upset hearing Armaan’s narratives. Armaan asks them their opinion in return he is asked to postpone the meeting. Armaan questions them the reason to which Mr.Kapadiya accuses him for trying to ruin such a beautiful story with his stupid no sense story lines and narrations. Armaan gets shocked when they both decides to leave the room saying they have to think about their decision of giving him an opportunity.

Saumya comes there and apologises to Mr.Kapadiya and the other person for being late. She also tells them that her narrations won’t disappoint them and says in hurry Armaan took the wrong pendrive and narrated another story’s concept. She also tells that Armaan told her the meeting is tomorrow. The other person asks her that he did called her and informed her about this already right.

Saumya becomes speechless meawhile Armaan realises that Saumya deliberately done this by giving a false concept and humiliated him. Saumya gives the concept to the creative head. She then tells that she hope this wont disappoint them. She also taunts Armaan to ask her before he takes such step. Armaan recalls the same thing happened between them at the earlier stage of their marriage and it’s Saumya who is on the receiving end. Mr.Kapadiya praises Saumya’s concept. Saumya requests them to talk to her when it comes to creative ideas because Armaan is busy with the production works. They obliges.

Sushma checks Harsh’s pressure and asks him not to worry. Harsh shares his worry about how to handle everythin. Sushma assures him that they will go back to normal with the help of Bannu creations which she owned it.

Harsh recalls those days how he used to insult Sushma. He then apologises to her for his behavior. He also tells her that he did everything for Armaan but when the tough time arrived he turned his back on him and it’s her who is with him for that he is grateful and thanks and apologises to Sushma. Sushma asks Harsh to not to feel guilty and says they can’t change anything that happened but they can try not to repeat these all in the future. She also tells that Saumya played a big part in their lives.

Harsh agrees with her and regrets for not understanding the value of Saumya and worries about Armaan. Other side Saumya talks to Mr.Kapadiya over the call. She pretend to worry about giving such a nice story to Oberoi industry after what Armaan did. Mr.Kapadiya tells her that they can meet the next day to discuss about her story and cuts the call.

Goldie praises Saumya and questions her about her next move. Saumya tells him that Armaan snatched everything from her so she is also going to give Armaan the taste of his own medicine. Armaan enters the room and tells Goldie to leave saying he wants to talk to Saumya alone. Saumua looks on.

Precap: Saumya tells Armaan that he betrayed her during their marriage life but she hope he won’t do the same with their professional relationship and shakes hand with him. Later Saumya gets worried when she realises that Jashan and Jahan is missing.

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