Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 26th July 2022 Written Update: Jashan and Jahan agrees to play hide and seek with Saumya


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya asking Goldie to stay and asks Armaan to tell whatever he wants infront of Goldie. Armaan tells Saumya that he realised his mistake and he shouldn’t have attended the channel meeting alone which lead the channel head to get upset with them. He then tells that it’s his mistake that he didn’t trusted her enough before now also and for that he is ashamed about it. He then tells Saumya that they can work together with equality. He also asks her to give him one last time.

 Samuya recalls the vow he made to her during their wedding back then. She goes to Armaan and tells him that she is glad finally he realised his mistakes and owning up his faults but it doesn’t mean she will trust him though because even after all these years he didn’t changed neither his planning and plotting against her so it’s not at all easy for her to trust him. She also reminds him the way he betrayed her during their marriage life and tells him she isn’t fool to believe his words.

 Armaan apologises to Saumya again and asks her to give him one last chance to prove himself that he is truly changed. Saumya agrees to Armaan’s request to prove himself saying that he may have betrayed her during their marriage time but she hopes he will not do this with their professional collaboration and shooks hands with him.

She then asks Armaan when she can able to spend time with Jashan and Jahan again. Armaan asks her to choose the timing and Saumya asks him to send them in the evening to which Armaan agrees. He then thinks to himself that he cant risk his professional life in order to save his reputation he will do anything then leaves the place.

Goldie tells Saumya to not to trust Armaan again because people like Armaan can never change. Saumya tells him that she have no other option but to take this step because even if its risky she have this one option only to get closer to her kids. She also tells Goldie that she realised even if she gets the custody of the kids then also they won’t accept her so taking them forcibly with them won’t do anything good. She then says that she wants her kids to accept her so she is ready to do hundreds of mistakes similar to this. Goldie looks on worried.

 Later Vimmy enters Armaan’s cabin and tells him about Saumya’s meeting with the channel head the next day also tells him that the channel head is upset with him so there is a chance either they will give another producer to produce the show or else Saumya may produce this on her own. Armaan thinks to himself that this is what Saumya wants to do with him but he wont let her succeed in her plans. He then sends her out after promising that he will pay her salary. He also thinks to himself that he has to once again play a game against this Indore girl to become successful.

 Saumya opens the door and finds Jashan and Jahan who is with Prisha. She invites them inside but they both tells Prisha that they dont want to spend time with Saumya because it’s boring. Prisha asks them to go through this torture for few hours and tells them she will comes to pick them up soon. They both gets inside the house.

Prisha stops Saumya from closing the door and tells her that she wants to talk to her. Saumya tells Prisha Prisha spending time with her kids is more important that talking to her. She then looks back at the kids and goes outside asks Prisha to tell what she wants to tell. Prisha tells Saumya that she is aware about her plans against her and Armaan and asks her to stop it. Saumya acts and says that she doesn’t know what she is asking. She also tells Prisha that Armaan may found her annoying so it’s not her problem. She then adds that for her her kids are important then closes the door on her face.

She then goes to Jashan and Jahan they both complains they are bored. Saumya suggests that they can plan hide and seek. They both agrees. Saumya does the counting meanwhile Jashan and Jahan goes and hides themselves inside a wardrobe. Saumya opens her eyes and tells them that she is here to catch them. She searches for them the entire house and then starts worried so she decides to search them outside.

 Jashan and Jahan comes out and makes fun of her. Saumya asks them why they enjoys so much troubling her. Jashan tells because of which Prisha buys them so many gifts. Jahan tells Jashan that they aren’t supposed to tell this to anyone. Saumya advices them to follow their heart and do right things. Jashan and Jahan asks her to order pizza also tells her that they wanted to play video games.

Saumya tells them that she will cook them pizza also they can play ludo together. Both the kids excited. Saumya feeds them both the pizza made by them and they both enjoys it. Saumya hopes to win their love soon. Jashan and Jahan tells they are feeling sleepy so Saumya makes them have a seat in her lap and they both falls asleep. Saumya looks on happily.

Precap: Armaan tells Prisha that he is taking the kids to the office. Prisha understands that Armaan is hiding something from her. She follows and finds about the puja that is going to take place in the puja. Prisha decides to take part in the puja but Armaan stops her and tells her that he and Saumya will do the puja shocking Prisha.

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