Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 27th July 2022 Written Update: Armaan invites Saumya to a puja


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya hearing a doorbell. She opens the door and finds Armaan outside. Armaan tells Saumya that he decides to pick up the kids. Saumya tells him they are sleeping. Armaan tells her that he will wait for them to awake. He then asks Saumya’s permission then enters the house. Saumya asks him if he need tea or coffee. Armaan refuses and asks Saumya to take a seat near them. Saumya takes it.

 Armaan tells her that this night reminds him of the night the night together they spent in a makeup room all those years back. He then tells her that everything has been changed from then and he wishes it didnt happened at all. Saumya doesn’t say anything. Armaan gets happy thinking Saumya is trusting his words. Saumya hears the sound from the room and tells Armaan the kids must have woke up so she will go and bring them. She brings the kids and says bye.

Armaan tells the kids to wait for him. He then tells Armaan his plan to conduct a puja in the office the next day. He also tells her that he is asking her permission. Saumya agrees to take part in a puja. Armaan thanks her then leaves the house with kids. Shilpi watches this and goes to Saumya and tells her that she can’t believe Armaan could stoop this low.

 On the other side Armaan thinks that his plan to trap Saumya is working on his favor and he cant wait to taste the success. Saumya tells Shilpi that it took seven years to understand Armaan and his evil plans against her and everyone. He may think that she once again fell for his charm and lies but he isn’t aware what’s her plan for him. Before he realises anything everything will be out of control in Armaan’s life.

The next day Saumya and Goldie meets Mr.Kapadiya. Saumya tells him that she has three more books which she wanted to produce. She also requests him to produce the shows under her own production house and tells Goldie is her financial influencer. Goldie assures Mr.Kapadiya that he will make sure nothing goes wrong in finance department. Mr.Kapadiya tells Saumya that he respects her decision to produce a show but she don’t have experience like Armaan so he need time to think about her this decision.

Saumya tells Mr.Kapadiya that she understands his view but asks him to think about giving her a chance. She further adds that she will try to give her best also says that she need an opportunity to explore this new venture. She then adds even Armaan must have started his production work similarly. Mr.Kapadiya gets impressed by Saumya’s confidence so he asks her to submit everything that related to produce a show including their source of income then he will think about it. Saumya and Goldie agrees to Mr.Kapadiya.

 Mr.Kapadiya wishes Saumya good luck for her new shows first episode is airing tonight. Saumya thanks him. In Oberoi’s house Prisha wishes Armaan good luck. Armaan scolds Prisha when she talks about party. The kids comes downstairs wearing Indian clothes. Armaan tells Prisha that he is planning to spend time with the kids in the office and asks her to clean up the mess in his room and leaves the house.

Prisha wonders why the kids are wearing Indian clothes. Sushma comes there and mocks at Prisha and reminds her she have no value in Armaan’s life. She then leaves the place. Prisha calls Vimmy and enquires what’s happening in the office. She then looks on annoyed.

The kids asks Armaan what is the need to do puja and the reason behind them conducting one. Armaan tells them it’s similar to a party and they can celebrate it. Saumya comes there and tells Armaan that he is teaching wrong things to the kids which she upsetting her. She then tells the kids puja is a form of thanking God. She tells them God has done so much for them so they have to thank God and this is one of those ways. The kids tells her that they understands it. Armaan tells Saumya that he planned this puja for her only at how much importance she gave to these all and tells her that they can do the puja part together. Armaan then gets shocked seeing Prisha. He asks her why did she came here in the first place.

Prisha goes to Armaan and asks him what he thinks if he dont tell her then she wont get to know what’s happening in the office. She also tells that she has every rights to come to this office. She then indirectly insults Saumya and asks the priest to start the puja. Armaan stops her from sitting in the puja and tells her this puja is conducted for the work he and Saumya is start together so its Saumya who will sit in the puja by his side.

Prisha leaves the place angrily. Saumya thinks to herself that she hope Prisha learns about Armaan’s selfish behavior and he will choose himself first. She then tells that she don’t have problem if Prisha performs the puja but Armaan makes her sit beside him. The puja starts. After performing few rituals the priest asks them to perform aarti. Saumya tells that the kids will perform and teaches the kids how to does aarti.

The kids runs away from there saying it’s boring. Saumya tells Armaan they have to teach the values to the kids as a parents also the importance of puja and the things that’s related to the society. Armaan tells her she is right and says that now she returned to their life he knows everything will be normal and they can teach the kids good values. Saumya thinks to herself that Armaan will never change and he is going to learn a biggest lesson of his life soon.

Precap: Armaan tells Prisha if she has to live a luxurious life then she has to accept Saumya being a part of their family. He then orders her to cook food for Saumya saying she is visiting them. Later Saumya decides to leave but Armaan stops her and requests her to return bank to him in his life which will shock Prisha.

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