Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 28th April 2022 Written Update: Sushma advises Prisha to go back to her house.


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 28th April 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Armaan tells Prisha that he was missing something in his life despite Saumya being there and today he finds out that he is missing her. He says that he is very happy when she is with him. Prisha says that she too has found new hope in life and the old Prisha has returned. Just then Armaan gets a call from Saumya and he asks her how is her health.

Soumya says that she is fine so she has come here. Armaan gets shocked hearing this. He looks back. Soumya smiles seeing him. Saumya is about to see Prisha but Armaan hugs her. Prisha notices Saumya and leaves from there. Soumya comes to the table. She sees an earring. She asks Armaan whose it is. Armaan says that it is of his girlfriend.

Soumya starts laughing. She says that she knows that he is joking with her. Armaan further tells Prisha that Saumya has seen her earring so she should hide her other earring. Prisha understands his point. Further, Sushma asks Kashish how she likes Prisha. Kashish says that Prisha is a down market girl. Sushma says that she saw in a movie that Hero is having an affair when his wife is pregnant. Kashish tells her not to worry about these things.

Next there comes Saumya and Armaan. Sushma asks them to eat mangoes. Prisha also comes there. Soumya asks her how is she late today. Prisha says that she had some work in the office so she was there. Sushma tells Prisha that she should leave from here now. Prisha thinks that she will leave from here only when Saumya leaves this house. Next day Prisha comes to Saumya. She says that she had told Sushma yesterday that she will go home but she does not want to go home.

Soumya says she need not worry and can go home. Prisha says that she wants to stay in PG but she wants the name of a guardian so she is thinking to give Armaan’s name. Soumya says fine. She also asks Armaan to help Prisha. Armaan agrees to her point. Next he takes the jhumka from the cupboard and puts it in his pocket. He gives a message to Prisha that he wants to meet her.

He goes to Prisha and says that he wants to apologize to her. Prisha says that tomorrow night she will get to know her place and from today onwards she will not put him in such trouble. Later he is about to give earrings to Prisha but he falls from his hand. Saumya tells Armaan that since she has enrolled in Lamaze’s classes, she wants him to join her. Sushma asks him which classes are these. Soumya tells him what it means.

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