Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 28th July 2022 Written Update: Saumya get angry at Armaan for the request he made to her


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya giving aarti plate to the priest. Armaan calls Vinny and tells him about Saumya’s meeting with the channel head. She tells him that Saumya wants to produce solely her upcoming shows. She also adds that Goldie is the one who financing. Armaan looks at Saumya and thinks so she is trying to double cross him but she isn’t aware that he is a pro in this game plans to trap people. Later Goldie asks Armaan the reason behind him visiting him after all these years.

Armaan hugs Goldie. He then apologises to whatever happened between them. He also tells him all those years back he made huge mistake by sending Saumya out of his life. Now seeing his kids who isn’t grown up with good values made him realise that Saumya’s presence is much needed in his and the kids life. He also asks Goldie to help him get patch up with Saumya.

 Goldie tells Armaan that he is the one who made the mistake like he said and he is happy that he realised his mistakes but what he can do to help him because he dont think that Saumya will take important decisions just like this. Armaan tells Goldie to help him indirectly by asking Saumya is she have feelings for him if not then asks him to ask Saumya is she ready to forgive him. He forces Goldie to call him right away.

 Goldie agrees and calls Saumya and put the call on speaker. Saumya answers it but gets confused when Goldie asks her is she think that Armaan has changed after all she has conducted a puja for her and all. Saumya thinks that Armaan must be with Goldie that’s the reason Goldie is asking such questions. She then plays along with Goldie by telling him even she do think that Armaan has changed. She also tells in future she may forgive Armaan. Goldie cuts the call when Armaan signs at him to continue his questions. Goldie advices Armaan to use his charm to patch up with Saumya. Armaan thanks Goldie for his help.

In the office Saumya reads a story of Hanuman to the kids and tells them their real super hero’s are Ram and Hanuman. The kids tells her that they only know about the super hero film stories. Saumya tells them whenever they meet she will tell them more Indian superheroes stories. Jashan tells her that she is good at two things one is story telling and another one is making yummy foods.

Jahan tells her that they still hate her and for them Prisha is their mother and goes away from her and starts reading the story book. Saumya thinks to herself that she don’t want the kids to learn about Armaan and Prisha’s true faces which may lead them to hate them and she dont want her kids to hate someone. Armnan calls Saumya and requests her to drop the kids at home because he is stuck in the shoot.

Saumya agrees and assures the kids that she will drop them in their house. In Oberoi’s house Vimmy tells Armaan that all the people are talking and praising about Saumya but no one is not even acknowledging his hard work. Armaan asks her to relax and tells that now they are working together so whatever the praises Saumya gets in which all of their harworks get acknowledged. Prisha goes to him and asks him what’s happening here and why he is acting like this. Armaan asks her to relax saying it’s a game in which two players wanted the upper position. Prisha tells Armaan it’s not at all needed.

 Armaan shouts at her and tells her inorder to live a luxury life she has to adjust to all these. He then orders her to behave with Saumya who will reach their house at any minute to drop the kids so asks her to made arrangements for Saumya to have food with all of then then leaves the place. Prisha tells herself that she will tolerate everything but not another woman in Armaan’s life especially with his ex wife.

Saumya drops the kids to the home but refuses to go inside. Sushma congratulates and praises Saumya for her new show also about the first episode which she watches. Armaan comes there and suggests Saumya to have lunch with them but the latter refuses. They all hears Jahan’s cry so they hurries to him. Saumya help him make the pain from his feet bearable.

Armaan asks the kids to hug and thank Saumya the kids obliges and does it. Saumya decides to leave but Armaan stops her and pleads her to return to his life and the kids life because he understands the importance of her presence in his life infront of his parents kids and Prisha. Saumya sends the kids inside to their room. She then denies to go back to Armaan’s life because everything has been changed now and she has moved on from her life and so he is. Armaan refuses to let her go. He once again pleads Saumya.

Prisha with tear filled eyes asks Armaan how could he made such requests when he have her in his life also the sacrifices she has done for him and the family for the last five years. Armaan accuses Prisha also tells her that she is the reason behind him and Saumya get separated also tells her that she given the worst upbringing to the kids then asks her to leave the house shocking everyone.

Precap: Prisha slaps Armaan and walks out of the house when the latter asks her to leave. Later Saumya tells Sushma and Harsh that she is coming to their house for hee kids wellbeing also tells them that she dont want the kids to get affected by the outcome of Armaan after he learns her intentions. Harsh and Sushma looks at each other worriedly.

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