Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 29th June 2022 Written Update: Harsh and Armaan manipulates Sushma against Saumya


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 29th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Goldie tells Saumya when Prisha left Armaan’s house the same box was in her hand and tells he has a video proof and shows the video proof of the same to Saumya. Saumya watches the video and tells that this is the delivery guy who delivered it. Goldie tells even his men saw that Prisha had some medicine. Saumya and Malini asks what will Armaan get from mixing something in her laddu.

 Goldie says to Saumya and Malini that Armaan wants to prove Saumya an unstable person and mother who is not capable for taking care of her babies. Now they have to send these laddus for lab test once the results comes out and if it comes out and proves their prediction against Armaan’s evil plan then Armaan will never get a chance to win the custody case. Saumya recalls everything that happened around her whenever she is with the babies and tells that she understands Armaan’s plan now. She was unaware of every plot of Armaan against her that’s why she failed to notice that Armaan is the one who behind all this that happened related to her babies and tells she can’t believe Armaan could go to this extend.

Goldie asked Saumya to not to worry because they will win this case for sure. The next day Armaan and Harsh sees that Sushma is approaching them. Harsh acts and tells Armaan that he has to tell the world about Saumya’s past. Armaan acts and tells Harsh that he wont stoop low like Saumya but the latter says that he has to this for the well being of his children. Sushma asks both Armaan and Harsh what they are talking about.

Harsh tells Sushma that Saumya is a mentally unstable person but the latter tells she have not even once seen Saumya acting in an abnormal way. Harsh scolds her for still choosing Saumya over Armaan and tells it’s Armaan who hide Saumya’s truth from anyone yet she tried to kill him. Even after everything that happened Armaan doesn’t want to hurt Saumya and they should be proud of the way Armaan’s behavior. He then gives Sushma her mobile and asks her to not to contact Saumya until the court order comes.

Infront of the court the media people waits for Armaan. One of the reporter says the high profile custody case of Armaan and his wife Saumya’s hearing is today and they are here to provide the time to time update also the final decision of the court. Armaan arrives there. The reporter asks him what he thinks will he win this case.

Armaan says to then he will accept whatever the court decision and goes to meet his advocate by Harsh by his side. His advocate tells him that he told Saumya will come to the court in an unstable state but she looks stable shocking Armaan and Harsh. Armaan tells that means Saumya didn’t had the laddus which is sent by him but they don’t have to worry about anything because he have witnesses to prove Saumya a mentally unstable person.

Harsh asks Kashish to take Sushma to the court waiting room and asks Sushma to come inside the court when he calls her then leaves the place. Inside the court Saumya notices that Armaan is struggling to take his seat and wonders what happened. Goldie asks Saumya to not to pay any attention to Armaan because he is sure it must be one of his plan to win this case. The judge arrives there and asks Goldie to start.

Goldie says as they all know a woman is a strongest one but when she becomes a mother she becomes more stronger than before. He further says that a mother can do anything to protect her kids but in their last hearing Armaan told that Saumya’s financial state is not great to take care of the babies but now Saumya has a job and salary and gives the income proof of Saumya. The judge sess it.

Goldie further tells that Saumya got this job because of Armaan who instructed Veena to give Saumya a job but as per his instructions she has to give her a low salary also not to give her credit so he wants to call Veena to ask her few questions. The judge approves.

Veena comes forward. She tells that she agreed to give Saumya a job because Shimmy offered her fifty lakh rupees. She also tells that she was told to not to give credit or the salary which Saumya truly deserves also she has to give statement against Saumya that she is not a good worker but Armaan is wrong with his prediction. Armaan objects and asks the judge to give him time to defend himself also cross question Veena to which the judge approves.

Armaan tells the judge that Veena is right that he is the one who asked her to give Saumya a job because the court order is until the final decision comes out it will be Saumya who will take care of the babies and he is worried about them. He also tells that Samuya is neither a talented person nor a sensible one and says he is the one who made her a writer and gave her the credit which she dont deserves and tells that Veena might be joined hand with Saumya who might have offered to share whatever the alumni money she gets with her.

Veena asks Armaan to not to think than everyone is like him. Armaan questions Veena about the contract she made for Saumya and manipulates the job who falls for it and declares Veena’s statement against Armaan is invalid. Armaan requests the judge to give the custody to someone who will take good care of the babies and tells the judge whatever happened in the last one week and tells that he wants to call the witnesse inside. The judge approves. The inspector comes. Harsh recalls giving money to the inspector and smirks.

Armaan asks the inspector about Saumya’s condition the other day. The inspector gives his statement in favor of Saumya shocking both Harsh and Armaan. Saumya and Goldie looks at each other and smiles. They recalls how they met inspector and Goldie advices the inspector to not to get involved with Armaan also Saumya pleads the inspector to support her and then the inspector wife makes a promise to her. Saumya looks at Armaan and thinks to herself today she will make sure to strip each and every layer of Armaan’s plan and expose his true face to the world.

Precap: Armaan tells Saumya is a bipolar who is calm one minute and the other minute she will act violent and put others life in danger. Saumya cries and says that Armaan is lying. Armaan opens his dress shirt and shows his wound saying Saumya is the one who behind this shocking Saumya.

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