Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 29th March 2022 Written Update: Armaan takes a shocking decision


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 29th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Harsh’s face starts burning. He goes home. Soumya makes a paste for Harsh. Harsh and everyone else feel that nothing will happen from this. But later when Sushma applies that paste on Harsh’s face, suddenly the irritation on his face subsides. Harsh is surprised to see this. He thanks Saumya and says that her paste is very good. Soumya gets happy hearing this.

Sushma says that she has taught all this to Saumya. Harsh says that they should go out now. After this Armaan tells everyone that Saumya’s story has been selected on the biggest channel and he will make a serial on her story. Soumya smiles. While Armaan thinks that now Saumya will have to give up her dream. Further, Saumya asks Tara what she should cook in the food. Sushma says that she cannot cook as the ration in her house has run out.

Soumya does not understand her point. Sushma says that they cannot even buy ration as they have become poor. Soumya asks her what she wants to say. Sushma says that they have become poor that’s why she wants to do a job. Soumya says that she wants to make her identity. She adds that Being a writer is her dream which she wants to fulfil. Sushma says that she is Armaan’s wife and this is her identity.

Armaan comes there and says that he wants to fulfill Saumya’s dream. Harsh comes there and says that Saumya will not do the job. Armaan does not find his decision right. Harsh says that the daughter-in-law of their house never goes out of the house to work and he will not change the rules of this house for Saumya. Armaan says if so then he will leave this house. Soumya gets shocked hearing this. Sushma gets angry at Saumya and says that she has controlled Armaan. And she wants to break her house.

Soumya explains to her that she doesn’t want anything like this. She says that she will talk to Armaan. She goes to her room and tells Armaan that they cannot leave their house. She says that she will convince Sushma and Harsh. Armaan says that this will never happen and they will have to leave this house. Sushma tries to stop them. Armaan doesn’t stop. Sushma is about to fall but Soumya manages her.

Sushma says to Saumya that because of her Armaan wants to leave her and his family. Soumya says that she doesn’t want to do this as she also cares for them. Sushma asks her to prove it. Armaan says to her that she doesn’t need to prove anything. Saumya says that she also wants to fulfil her promise. She adds that she also promised him that she will take care of his family and decides that she will stop writing. Sushma asks her to promise her. She does the same.

Precap: Armaan takes Saumya to the temple. Soumya asks him why they came here. He says that he wants to pray for her happiness.

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