Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 30th June 2022 Written Update: Armaan’s witnesses give statement in support of Saumya


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 30th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan tells the judge that he wants to prove Saumya’s carelessness so he wants to call the doctor. The judge grants the permission. Armaan asks the doctor when they went to the hospital for the vaccination the babies are affected by allergies. Doctor tells in this young age its normal for a babies to get affected by allergies. Armaan gets confused.

 Saumya and Goldie looks at each other and recalls the conversation they had with the doctor. Armaan then asks the judge that he wants to call another witness who can tell how careless Saumya as a mother. The judge agrees to call the auto driver. The auto driver tells the judge it’s not easy to handle two kids as a single mother. The other say when the stroller unlocked on its own Saumya was worried and scared and run behind the babies to save them by getting hurt.

 Armaan and Harsh gets shocked hearing their witnesses giving statements in favor of Saumya. Goldie tells the judge that Armaan’s witeness are clearly stating how responsible and caring mother she is. He then asks Armaan why he looks so stunned is it because that his witnesses gave statements in favor of Saumya and not against her as per his plan. He then tells the judge that he wants to call Saumya to ask few questions. The judge agrees to it.

 Saumya comes forward. Goldie takes the laddu box sent by Armaan. Armaan looks shocked. Goldie asks Saumya about how she get the laddu box also under which name it get delivered. Saumya tells that she received it saying Sushma is the one who sent this laddu box. Goldie tells the judge that Armaan wants to prove that Saumya is a mentally ill person.

 If Saumya had these laddus the previous night then they would have seen her in a mentally unstable condition because in this laddu drugs were mixed. He also tells that Prisha who is Armaan’s girlfriend helped him. Armaan Harsh and Prisha gets shocked. Armaan’s advocate tells Harsh that their side is getting weak if it goes like this then they wont get a chance to win this case. Harsh thinks then sends a message to Kashish asking her to bring Sushma inside the court room.

Goldie asks the judges permission to call Prisha. The judge approves. Goldie gives the video clips of Prisha in which she is buying a drug also coming out of Armaan’s house also giving a box to a delivery boy. Goldie asks Prisha about her doings. Prisha defends herself saying there must be so many similar boxes like this in the market also she bought medicines for her mother and she asked the delivery boy to deliver it in her house which is around Saumya’s house. She then tells the judge that Goldie recorded these videos without her knowledge which is invading her privacy it’s not acceptable.

Goldie mocks her by asking her to file a case on him later. He then tells the judge that he sent these laddu box to a private lab and the report was clear that in these laddus drugs were mixed and Prisha’s fingerprints are in the box. He then gives the lab report to judge who checks it. Armaan’s advocate requests the judge to send these laddu box to government approved lab because they can’t trust private lab. The judge agrees to it.

 Kashish and Sushma enters the court room. Goldie requests the judge to provide the custody of the babies to Saumya until the test results comes out also asks her to not to try to harm Saumya and her family. Harsh shouts at Goldie and comes forward saying it’s not Saumya who needs protection but them who needs it from Saumya and acts infront of everyone by pleading Armaan to tell Saumya’s truth to everyone. The judge gives a warning to Harsh. Armaan apologises to the judge on behalf of Harsh.

Armaan tells the judge also to the people in the court he never wanted to tell the truth about Saumya suffering from a bipolar disorder. He wants to just state that Saumya’s carelessness and irresponsibility may put their son’s life in danger. But here he is accused like giving drugs to Saumya and all. He then tells that Saumya is bipolar who acts in front of others in one way and when he and Saumya is alone she acts differently.

 Armaan further says that Prisha is no one but a good friend of him to whom he can share his thoughts. He also tells that Saumya never listened to him but Prisha did infact Prisha is the one who told him that Saumya is a bipolar. Saumya refuses and tells the judge that Armaan is lying. Malini also tells the judge that Saumya never was mentally ill. The judge asks Malini to calm down and take her seat. Armaan tells in anger Saumya can harm anyone just the way what she did to him previous day. Saumya looks confused and questions what she did.

Armaan tells he have a proof of what she did to him and opens his jacket. Everyone gets shocked seeing Armaan’s wound. Goldie asks Saumya is she have any idea about this but the latter says no. Armaan accuses Saumya for pushing him in a glass table. Harsh tells that he is a doctor and he is the one who treated Armaan also the cut was so deep. Saumya tells that she have no idea how Armaan get hurt.

Armaan asks her that she visited his house the previous day and they had an argument right. Saumya says yes and tries to say something but Armaan interrupts and says that he may not have any proof except himself so the court can punish him. He also acts and tells there is no one here to defebs him so asks to punish him. Sushma gets up from her place and tells the judge to not to listen to her son’s words who iis angry now. The judge asks Sushma to come forward and says whatever she wants to. Sushma comes forward and tells her son is innocent also she knows the truth so she will tell the court the same. Saumya looks on confused.

Precap: The judge tells Saumya that she has to undergo a psychiatric test shocking the latter. Goldie challenges Armaan and asks him and Prisha to get ready to go for the prison after the lab test report comes out. Later Prisha hugs Armaan and pleads him to do something so that they both don’t get caught. Armaan looks on.

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