Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 30th March 2022 Written Update: Saumya is in a dilemma


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 30th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Saumya promises Sushma that she will not work and Armaan will not leave the house. Saying this she goes to her room. She remembers how she always had to fight for her dreams. She starts crying. Armaan comes there. He hugs her and tells her that he will never forget what she has done for his family today. Saumya says that becoming a writer is her dream which she will fulfill.

She says that it was her belief that brought her from Indore to Mumbai and she is sure that soon Harsh and Sushma will agree. Armaan hugs her and asks if he should go alone for the meeting tomorrow. She says yes. Here Harsh sees that Sushma is sad. He asks her what happened. She says that she was scared today that Armaan will go away from her. Harsh says that what she did today was very good so he is very happy with it so he will reward it.

He tells her that if she keeps doing this, he will reward her a lot. Sushma gets happy. Further Armaan is going for the meeting. Armaan tells Saumya that he will drop her to her mother’s house. Saumya further meets her mother and tells her how her dreams were about to come true. Malini says that now her dreams should be to keep Armaan happy. Here Armaan goes to the meeting. He comes to know that if Saumya does not write the story, then this slot will be missed from his hands.

Armaan says that he cannot let such a big opportunity go from his hand. Here Saumya learns that her father has lost his job. She gets very sad. She goes home then and is only thinking about her father. Whereas Armaan tells Harsh that he will not get the slot if Saumya does not write the story. Harsh explains to him that the relationship between husband and wife goes well only when the husband dominates wife.

Sushma asks Saumya to heat the milk. Soumya says fine. But then milk boils. She is about to clean it but Sushma comes there and slips. She starts scolding Saumya. Sushma says that her mother must have taught her all this. She refuses and says that she was worried because her father has lost his job. Sushma asks if her parents are in trouble will she kill her. Armaan clams her down.

Later Mrs Kashyap calls Armaan and asks him if Saumya will be able to write a story for them. Armaan says yes. Later he cuts the call and says that Saumya needs to write this story. Later he brings Saumya to the temple. She asks him why he brought her here. He says that he wants to pray for her happiness.

Precap: Sushma wants to enter the club. However, the manager stops her. Later Saumya helps Sushma.

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