Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Prisha insults Saumya


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 3rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya tells Armaan that she will take her babies with her soon and for that she will see him in the court. She also says that even she is going to see who will stop her doing this. Armaan asks Saumya to get out saying that he don’t deserve the family neither she deserves to become a Mrs.Oberoi. Saumya advices Armaan to come out of his ego because becoming a Mrs.Oberoi is not an achievement. She also reminds him that its not her but him who comes and requested to marry her. She failed to understand and realise his true face and how he trapped her but now she learnt his truth she will make sure to stay away from him also take their baby with her. She challenges Armaan then leaves the place with her mother and sister. Malini takes Saumya to Prisha’s house. Saumya asks Malini why they are here. Malini refuses to tell her. Prisha opens the door and makes them enter the house. Malini asks Prisha how could she stoop this low and have an affair with her brother in law which ruined her sisters life. She slaps Prisha. Prisha and her mother gets shocked.

Prisha’s mother defends Prisha saying it’s Saumya who snatched Armaan from Prisha and now Armaan realised his mistake that’s why he returned to Prisha in this Prisha done anything wrong. She also asks why she slapped her daughter to Malini. Malini tells that she wishes to slap her more than one time and raises her hand but Saumya stops her and tells there is no use to do this. Prisha accuses Saumya for snatching Armaan from her. She also says she is far better than Saumya in every way that’s the reason Armaan chose her now. Saumya tells that she don’t care about anyone other than her babies then takes her mother and sister with her.

Malini makes Saumya sit on the sofa and brings her a glass of water. She tells if her father get to know all these she don’t know even he will allow them to stay in this house for which Armaan paid the advance. Shilpi tells that her father is working under Armaan and they are not getting anything free. She further says that she hope that her father returned Armaan’s money to him. Saumya cries missing her babies and worries about them. Shilpi please Malini to tell their father about their situation because they needed him the most in this situation. In Oberoi’s house Armaan gets angry at the nurse for not calming down his babies. Sushma and Tara tries to calm down the babies. Armaan asks Sushma she is the one who took care of him as a baby then she must know what his babies want so asks her to tell him that he will bring that to calm down his babies. Sushma tells the babies want their mother but Armaan asks Sushma to not to say these all to make him an emotional fool. He then threatens the nurse to complaint against them. He records the video of his babies and leaves the place.

Tara shares her worries about the babies to Sushma. Sushma video calls Saumya who gets emotional seeing her babies are crying. She asks them to calm down and sings a lullaby for them. The babies falls asleep. The next day Shilpi switches on the TV and gets shocked seeing the news anchor’s statement against Saumya. Saumya and Malini comes there and gets shocked when the reporter accuses Saumya for leaving her babies like this. Shilpi tells it’s all a lie. Saumya tells that Armaan won’t stop until he makes everyone belive it’s her who made the mistake. Shilpi says it’s not fair.

Armaan watches the news and smirks. Sushma gets disappointed and asks Armaan is this the reason he took the babies video’s. Armaan defends himself saying he is doing all this for her grandson’s only. Saumya tells that she not even once thought Armaan will stoop this low. Shilpi tells the court process will take so much time so they have to take police help. Saumya tells she doesn’t want to do all this but Armaan forced her to take this step and takes her bag to go to the station. Shilpi tells she will accompany but Saumya refuses saying she will be fine alone. She also throws her mangalsutra saying it has no meaning in it in her life anymore.

Prisha refuses to let her mother apply ointment on her cheeks which turned red due to the slap which Malini gave her. She tells Armaan will give Saumya the two times more pain also apply ointment to the wound. One of the goon tries to misbehave with Saumya in the police station but the latter warns him. Saumya then seeks the officer help to get her babies back but the officer refuses and asks to bring the legal papers then she will help her. Saumya thanks her for telling her this battle of her’s isn’t that easy to win and determines to bring her babies back.

Precap: Armaan fails to calm down the babies. Saumya enters the house disguising herself as a delivery women. Prisha grows suspicious and tells Armaan to make the delivery person remove the make shocking Saumya.

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