Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 3rd May 2022 Written Update: Armaan ditches Saumya again


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 3rd May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Saumya tells Armaan why he lied to her that he was in the office. Sushma asks Saumya to calm down. But Soumya does not listen to her. She asks Armaan where was he and why was his phone switched off. Armaan says that he went out for office work. Soumya asks him why his phone was switched off. Armaan says that she is giving tension to him and their child. Soumya says that she is in pain too. So tell her the truth. Armaan says Sushma knows where he went. Sushma lies that she knew where Armaan had gone.

Sushma says that she feels bad for lying to Saumya. But she does not want a fight between Saumya and Armaan. Further, Sushma asks Saumya to take rest. Prisha says that Armaan is very smart but she is smarter than him. She further takes juice to Armaan. She tells Armaan that Saumya doesn’t appreciate him. She says that he has given a lot to Saumya. But Saumya still fights with him and troubles him. She says that she feels very bad for him and would never have treated him like that if she were in Soumya’s place.

Here Sushma explains to Saumya that she should not escalate the fight because the relationship between wife and husband is very delicate, so they should treat their relationship with love. Soumya understands her point and comes to Armaan. Prisha is with Armaan but she hides before Saumya can see her. Saumya tells Armaan that there will be a fight between them but they should not let the distance come between them. Armaan says that he can do anything for her and his children’s happiness. Soumya tells Armaan that there is a puja at their house tomorrow. Prisha says that she will not allow Saumya to worship with Armaan.

Next morning Armaan comes to Prisha’s room and sees Prisha cutting cupcakes. Prisha says today is her birthday. Armaan says that Saumya did not tell him about this. Prisha says that Saumya will not even remember. Prisha further recalls that Saumya had wished her a birthday but she told him not to tell anyone about it. Armaan further says that he will throw a birthday for her today.

Prisha says that she only wants to go for lunch. Armaan says that today they will go for lunch. Prisha reminds him that he needs to do Puja today so he cannot go. While Armaan leaves satay Narayana puja and agrees to go for lunch with her. Prisha says that soon Armaan will break his marriage for her. Further, Armaan is spending time with Prisha while Saumya is waiting for him at the puja. She breaks into tears as Armaan doesn’t come there on time. Later Armaan’s friend meets him. He thinks that Prisha is Armaan’s wife.

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