Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 4th July 2022 Written Update: Armaan gets custody of his children


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 4th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prisha telling Armaan that she is so scared what will happen if drug test comes in favor of Saumya then they will send her to prison. She can’t afford that and plead Armaan to do something hugging him. Armaan pacifies her. The other day Saumya kisses her babies. Malini blesses Saumya and wishes her good luck to win the case. She further tells truth will always win.

Saumya tells even she wants to teach her this only. Her father comes there and asks Saumya to not to worry saying that he and Shilpi is here to take care of the babies. Saumya turns around to leave but her dress get stuck in the stroller. She sees her babies are crying. She asks them not to cry saying this is the last day they have to go through all this because after today there will be no one to separate them from her. She then leaves the place. In the court the Judge says the drug report come negative shocking Saumya and Goldie. Prisha smirks happily.

Goldie tells the Judge that he knows well that something happened and the report get exchanged so pleads the judge to check once more. The Judge asks him is he challenging the court? She then asks Goldie to see the report on his own. Goldie checks and tells that he strongly believes there is something fishy in this report. The Judge says in the court the proofs are what matters. Armaan looks at Saumya and recalls how he exchanged the report by giving money to someone in that department.

Armaan’s lawyer comes front and says that Saumya is bipolar. Saumya comes to the front and tells the Judge she is fine and she isn’t bipolar. She has given all the psychiatric test as per the court order yesterday even the doctor told her the result must be normal and asks the judge to ask the doctor. The Judge asks her to calm down and calls the doctor and asks her the result also Saumya’s metal condition. Saumya looks at her with tear filled eyes. The doctor tells the Judge that the test results are negative hence Saumya is bipolar shocking Saumya Goldie and Malini.

Harsh and Prisha looks happy and hide their smirk. Saumya says that she is perfectly fine but she don’t know why the doctor is lying now and pleads the judge to not to believe the doctor’s words. The doctor says to the judge it’s not safe for eye children to be around Saumya as she is mentally ill. Saumya shouts and says this is all Armaan’s game plan so pleads the judge to not to believe the doctor or anyone’s words. The judge tells Saumya even in the last few incidents she reacted normally also the test results are against now so the court gives the custody of her children to Armaan until Saumya is proven mentally stable.

Armaan comes forward and tells the Judge that he is ready to take care of Saumya’s treatment expense and asks Saumya to recover soon then tells that once she recovers she can meet their children they will wait for her to recover soon. Saumya goes to Armaan and takes his collar in her hand and asks him why did he once again he betrayed her this worst way possible. What he is getting by doing all this. Why he is separating the babies from her like this. Armaan acts like that he get hurt. He then hugs Saumya forcibly and makes it look like she is pacifying her. He then tells Saumya that he is the one who made her from nobody to somebody now he once again made her nobody.

Now she don’t even have their children by her side. He also tells her that she may dream about fail him but its him who will fail her and get all the victories and asks her to enjoy her time in asylum by getting treatment. He then pulls herself from him. Saumya holds his collar tight and tells him that she wont spare him. The Judge asks Goldie to calm down Saumya. Goldie takes Saumya by his side.

Saumya tells the Judge that no one can separate her from her babies. She isn’t going to accept the court order. A mother’s relationship with her children is connected by blood and few papers are not going to decide anything and throws all the reports in the air. The Judge asks Goldie to once again calm down Saumya. Malini pleads the Judge to believe them that Saumya is not mentally ill.

The Judge gives the verdict in favor of Armaan. Armaan gets happy. Saumya vows to Armaan that she will be back and get her children from him and tells he doesn’t know the power of a mother which she will show and prove it to him also to the world. Saumya then pleads the Judge to let her meet the children as they only have mother’s milk not formula milk. Armaan asks the Judge to not to approve because she is mentally unstable and the Judge agrees with Armaan and tells Saumya she can able to meet the babies after she recovers fully and the doctor approves it.

Goldie thinks that he can’t let Armaan win. Armaan want to marry Prisha but he wont let that happen and tells the Judge now Saumya is mentally ill so one partner can’t decide the divorce so asks the judge to hold the case until Saumya recovers. The Judge agrees and passes the verdict as per Goldie’s suggestion shocking Armaan and Prisha. Prisha worries how she is going to get married to Armaan. Later the staff’s takes Saumya to her room. She recalls everything from the moment she finds out she is going to be mother to becoming mother.

Sushma walks here and there worriedly. Harsh comes there followed by Armaan and Prisha with the babies. Armaan suggests for a family photo. He asks Prisha to join them saying she is family which makes her happy. He then gives the babies to Prisha and starts talking to his parents. Prisha looks at the babies then makes faces.

The doctor wishes Saumya a speedy recovery. Saumya looks at the doctor making the latter uncomfortable and leaves the place. Harsh gives the doctor a penthouse keys making her happy. Saumya goes through a treatment. Each day passes by getting her injected by medicines and she is holding a pen and diary.

Precap: Armaan enters the room and calls out his son’s. They will hug him from behind. The birthday party arrangements will be made. Both the boys tells they will cut the cake after their mother arrives. Saumya enters the place and gets emotional. Both the kids calls mumma shocking Armaan.

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