Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 6th July 2022 Written Update: Prisha provokes Armaan against Saumya


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 6th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya asking Armaan how did Prisha become mother to her children. Prisha comes there and says that she showered love and care and become a mother to her kids which she unfortunately fails to give to her kids. Malini tells Prisha that she never thought she will become stoop this low. Armaan asks Malini to not to say anything against Prisha or create any scene and remind them that they are uninvited guests. He won’t hesitate to throw them out.

 Prisha calms down Armaan and tells that today is their children’s birthday so they can tolerate the Verma’s inorder to prevent the parties from getting spoiled. Armaan tells Saumya that she has no place in his house so she and her family members can leave as they aren’t even invited to the party. He also warns them not to create any scene infront of the guests then leaves the place.

 Prisha asks Sushma to go and take care of the guests. She also asks Prince’s mother to help Sushma. She then taunts Saumya then leaves the place. Saumya looks on with tear filled eyes. Malini and Shilpi takes her from there. Armaan in his room asks Harsh how could he say that he can’t able to convinced the psychiatrist who treated Saumya in their favor.

 Harsh tells Armaan that he did tried but the medical officer is too loyal unlike Vani who changed the statement when they gave her money. He also tells Armaan that Saumya may reopen the case and talks about their financial state is not that great and they have to be careful to maintain their luxurious life to show off to others everything is fine in their life. Armaan tells once he again starts giving good trp shows they can do anything like before. He also assures Harsh that Saumya can’t able to defeat them this time too because he have trump card with him then smirks.

Saumya enters her room and recalls whatever happened in the party then cries. She then goes and takes all her kids old things and recalls the time she spend with them. Her alter ego appears in front of her and asks her is she really accepting her defeat without even giving a fight. She also asks Saumya about her determination to get her rights back and how hard she fought for it and asks where was that Saumya and tells that the kids are like a wet sand and they will become a person who is molding them.

 She the asks Saumya is she really want her kids to act like Harsh and Armaan because that’s not the upbringing she wanted for her kids and she is sure now she will fight for her kids and her rights now and makes her stand up from her place and motivates her then disappears. In Oberoi mansion one of the guest tells Sushma that Prisha is controlling their life eventhough she is not a part of their family.

Prisha hears this and goes to Mrs.Dixit. She reminds her that she is the one who invited her to this party yet she is badmouthing about her and asks her to leave the party and says that her kids wont come to any of the family event conducts by them also says she will make sure to change her children’s school. Sushma tries to stop Mrs.Dixit and other guests but Prisha stops her and asks her not to plead them because they aren’t worth it.

 Sushma tells Prisha whatever the guests told is true because she is neither Armaan’s wife nor Jashan and Jahan’s mother. Infact she snatched Saumya’s rights. Prisha gets furious. She the sees Armaan there so she starts acting like crying. Armaan notices this and goes to her and asks what happened.

Prisha asks Armaan is she ever made mistake by giving not so good upbringing to Jashan and Jahan then why did Sushma feels that way. Armaan defends Prisha and says to Sushma that they have to be grateful towards Prisha for taking care or the kids and asks Sushma to apologise to Prisha and the latter does it making Prisha happy. Armaan takes Prisha with her.

Later Saumya opens her house door and gets shocked seeing Armaan there. Armaan enters the house and finds no one is there so he says that he is glad or else unnecessarily drama will be created by her family members. He then takes the divorce papers out and asks Saumya to sign it.

 Saumya tells even she dont want anything from this relationship of theirs. All she want is her kids so asks Armaan to return them. Armaan tells the kids aren’t online products to return and says he is their father so they will be with him. Saumya tells even he can’t replace the kids mother like she is some online product. Armaan tells even if she goes to the court they will ask the kids who they wanted to be with and he is sure the kids will choose him as they dont want to go with the stranger.

Saumya gets sad but she says to Armaan that he should be ashamed for hiding the kids their real mothers identity. She also tells he is neither a good husband nor a great father. Armaan asks Saumya to sign the divorce papers within three days or else she knows very well what he is capable of so asks her to think and sign the papers within three days the leaves the house. Saumya looks at the divorce papers and says that Armaan isn’t aware what is going to happen in these three days and who is going to sign which paper and smirks.

Precap: Saumya tells Goldie that Armaan is not aware what’s going to happen in his life in three days.  They both smiles at each other. Later Saumya shows her medical reports and tells Armaan that she is mentally stable now so demand him to return the kids to her.

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