Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 6th June 2022 Written Update: Saumya gets help from Goly


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 6th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya receives a call from Shilpi and asks why she called her. Shilpi asks her is she had any food. Saumya asks her to not to worry about her but Shilpi remains stubborn so Saumya agrees to have food. She looks at the street food but thinks that she has to meet the lawyer first so goes to the lawyer office. In the office assistant asks Saumya to wait because Mr.Bhatra is having lunch. Saumya obliges. The assistant switches on the TV where the newsreader talks about Saumya leaving her babies alone. The assistant realises that Saumya Verma is Saumya Oberoi so she goes to Mr.Bhatra’s room. She tells that by mistake she gave an appointment to Saumya. Mr.Bhatra scolds his assistant and tells that they can’t go against Armaan so asks the assistant to make Saumya leave their office immediately.

The assistant comes out and tells Saumya she can’t able to meet Mr Bhatra today because he is busy. Saumya reminds her about the appointment and tells her that she has to meet Mr.Bhatra because it’s really important for her. The assistant tells that if she has to meet today itself then she have to pay two lakh in advance also twenty thousand per hour. Saumya gets shocked and tells no one told her all these when she booked appointment to which the assistant says that they called her here to let her know about the fee structure. Saumya realises Mr.Bhatra doesn’t want to meet her because of Armaan so she tells his assistant to tell him that he has to work for what is right then leaves the office.

Armaan sees the news in the news channel and tells that it will help him bring Saumya to the house. He then scolds the nannies for not taking care of his babies properly. Sushma pleads Armaan to understand that the babies needed their mother. She further says that the babies are just like their mother who is stubborn. Armaan tells babies are stubborn like him. He also asks Sushma to make Saumya understand instead of giving him lectures and tells he wants the babies to know about her mother is being selfish. He then tells the nannies if they don’t stop his babies cry then he will hire someone else.

Saumya is walking on the road looking tired. She receives a call from Malini who asks her about the process. Saumya tells how either the lawyer fees is too high or else the lawyers are refuses to help her because of Armaan now she don’t know what to do. Malini pleads Saumya to return home saying her father who is on his way will do something to help her. Saumya obliges. She goes to the house and gets shocked and surprised seeing her father is there already who asks is she really think that he can’t able to help her that’s why she hide this from him. Saumya says no. Goly also is in the house tells that Saumya even refuses to tell him about her state and tells he is one of the best lawyer yet she is looking for lawyer everywhere and tells her he will help her get her babies from Armaan.

Saumya tells she don’t want his friendship with Armaan to break. Goly says that their friendship broke the day Armaan snatched the babies from her and pleads her to help her. Saumya agrees and thanks the God. She then feels her babies are crying for her so she cries and says she wants to meet her babies. Shilpi suggests to video call Sushma. Sushma tells Saumya the babies are missing her. Saumya tells she will meet her babies today itself. Armaan comes there and asks Sushma to not to be in touch with Saumya.

Kashish comes to the house. Armaan gets relieved seeing her. He asks her to help him calm down his babies. Kashish asks Armaan to listen to her once but the latter says if she don’t want to help him then he will find some other way. Sushma pleads Armaan to hear them out once but Armaan refuses saying it’s Saumya who has to understand and taunts her for being a writer who expresses the feeling of a mother through her stories. In Verma house Saumya’s parents pleads her to not to do something that will give Armaan a chance to seperate her further from the babies but Saumya refuses to listen to them saying her babies wants their mother.

Goly suggests Saumya to trap and fool the way Armaan did to her all this time. Saumya agrees to do the same. The babies falls asleep so Sushma asks the nannies to have some sleep also. They leaves the place. Prisha comes there and calls Sushma and Kashish as her mother in law and sister in law but they both insults her. Armaan comes there and tells he is the one who called Prisha here because his babies are crying non stop.

Sushma warns Armaan and tells he is going to regret everything he is doing now. The babies starts crying when Armaan argues. He asks a coffee from Prisha who acts and tells him she understands his pain and goes to bring him coffee. Sushma opens the door when the door bell rings. She tells Saumya who comes there as a nanny the babies needed their mother only. Saumya tells for that reason only she is here shocking Sushma.

Precap: Saumya feeds her babies. Prisha asks Armaan to pay the nanny for making his babies stop crying. She then tells that she thinks it’s Saumya who disguising herself as a nanny and asks Armaan to tell the nanny to remove her mask. Saumya looks on shocked.

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