Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 7th July 2022 Written Update: Armaan stops Saumya from meeting Jashan and Jahan


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 7th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan hearing a news channel in which the reporter praises about a writer who is giving one of the best selling book name Maa and the author name is Anjoori who the whole industry and the fans are eager to meet but not even once Anjoori revealed her identity. Armaan’s assistant Rimmy comes there and Armaan calls her Shimmy. Rimmy corrects him but Armaan tells her, her name is similar to Shimmy that’s the reason he hired her. Rimmy says to Armaan that she knows the real reason that he cant able to afford Shimmy’s salary so when Shimmy got a new job offer in another popular production house she left this place. Armaan scold Rimmy and tells her to not to cross her limits.

In Verma house Goldie gives Saumya her certificate in which its proven that she is mentally stable also the court order with the help of that she can meet the kids whenever she wants and no one can able to stop her. Saumya gets happy. Shilpi comes there and encourages Saumya. She also praises Goldie for being there for their family also serves the food made by her. Both Saumya and Goldie praises also makes fun of Shilpi’s cooking skill also her being a doctor. In Armaan’s office Armaan tells his assistant about Anjoori. Rimmy also tells that she heard about her a lot too and the whole industry is searching for Anjoori only.

Armaan tells Rimmy she is getting paid for the work she has to do and asks her to find Anjoori before anyone get hold of Anjoori. Rimmy tells Armaan its been three months she received a salary from him to which the latter tells that he will give her more money if she finds Anjoori’s whereabouts or any details that’s related to Anjoori. Rimmy says that all she want is her three month pending salary. Armaan assures her to give her her salary the same day itself. Rimmy gets happy and goes to search details about Anjoori.

Saumya asks Goldie is these certificates can help her prove even before also she is mentally stable but she was falsely accused. Goldie tells she can able to prove that but the court proceedings will take lots of time though. Saumya tells Goldie that she dont have problem with the time being and asks Goldie to make the further process so that she can tell the world and her kids how their father trapped their mother and separated them from her.

Goldie gives her her new mobile and number. Saumya smirks and says that Armaan thinks within three days she will give into his demands but this time he is under her spell and he have no other option but to dance according to her tune. Later Saumya goes to Oberoi mansion and asks Armaan where Jashan and Jahan is as she went to school but they told her kids are in leave.

Armaan mocks at her and tells the kids are with their mother Prisha. He also tells he will give them best education by sending them to schools in abroad also they don’t need all of these to handle or take care of their father’s empire. Saumya mocks at him and shows him her medical certificate also the court order and demands Armaan to tell her where the kids are. Armaan asks her to wait until the kids arrives as he isn’t exactly sure about what are their plans with their mother Prisha. Saumya tells she will only leave after meeting her kids though. Armaan thinks to stop the kids from meeting Saumya at any cost.

Armaan gets happy when Rimmy finds Anjoori’s number. He praises her and the latter asks him about her salary. Armaan gets uncomfortable but tells her that she will get her salary. He then sends a voice note to Anjoori praising her books and wishes to meet her so that they can collaborate. Saumya waits outside the house. Her sister in law sees this so she goes and brings Sushma. Sushma asks her daughter in law to provide a glass of water to Saumya. Saumya refuse to have anything from them and tells when she needed them the most they didn’t help her infact Sushma’s statement against her snatched her babies from her so she is fine standing out.

Sushma gets upset. In the office Armaan thinks that Anjoori is indeed a busy woman that’s why she didnt saw his message yet. Jashan and Jahan comes to the office and tells him about Prisha’s plan to buy a new car for them to go to school. Armaan send the kids out with the peon and scolds Prisha and asks her not to fly in the air even after knowing their financial condition though. He then asks Prisha to not to take the kids to home until dinner time. Prisha agrees and leaves the place.

Saumya waits for her kids till night. Armaan and Prisha comes there without the kids by their side. Saumya questions them and Prisha mocks at her saying the kids refused to come home when she told them about her so they went to their friends house for a sleepover and asks to come tomorrow if the kids agreed to meet her then she can meet them. Saumya warms both Armaan and Prisha to not to separate a mother from her kids also talks about a mother’s love and strength. Armaan and Prisha mocks her. Armaan then receives a call from Rimmy who tells him that she found Anjoori’s address and its him who has to go to her office.

Armaan refuses to first but agrees to go to her office. Saumya leaves the place warning Prisha and Armaan. The next day Armaan comes to Anjoori’s office and tells the receptionist he is here to meet Anjoori and tells he even bought a lily bouquet for her. Anjoori’s assistant tells Armaan that Anjoori dislikes lilies the most so asks him to throw them away. Armaan gets shocked but does what the assistant asks him to do. Saumya watches this from her office and says that she knows Armaan will come to her office to meet Anjoori but she can’t wait to see his face when he learns Anjoori is none other than Saumya.

Precap: Saumya tells Shilpi that she can’t wait to take part in her kids annual day function. Armaan and Prisha sees Saumya’s retreating back. Armaan uses his kids to impress Saumya aka Anjoori. The spot light falls on Jashan and Jahan. Saumya gets emotional seeing them.

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