Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 7th June 2022 Written Update: Prisha grows suspicious of the new caretaker


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 7th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sushma gets happy seeing Saumya as a nanny. She hugs her. Saumya sees Prisha is giving coffee to Armaan and the latter thanks her. Saumya tells Sushma that she wants to meet her babies. Sushma worries how it’s possible because both Armaan and Prisha is here. Saumya tells God will help her find a way to meet her babies. Armaan asks Sushma who is there. Sushma tells it’s a new care taker. Armaan asks Sushma to tell by to the new care taker if she makes his babies calm down then he will make her to work permanently also give her double salary. Prisha tells Armaan that she wants to talk to him personally and takes him inside the room.

Saumya goes inside the house. She touches the babies and they calms down. Kashish gets surprised but Sushma tells her it’s Saumya. She then urges Saumya to feed her babies before Armaan comes. Saumya feeds the babies. She tells the babies that she is helpless that’s the reason she has to leave them. She also makes a promise to their babies to be with them and take them with her real soon.

Prisha massages Armaan’s forehead. Armaan praises Prisha for taking care of him. He then asks what she wants to talk to him Prisha says that she felt he needed the break which he wont get it there so she bought him here. Armaan gets happy and impressed. He then realizes that the babies stopped crying. Prisha suggests him to pay more salary to the new also make her permanent to take care of his babies.

Armaan likes the idea. He goes to the living room and praises Saumya as a nanny for calming down his babies. He then tells Sushma to make her as a permanent worker. He also says to Sushma that she is wrong because with money they can buy and satisfy anything and anyone. He gets a call from someone so he goes to talk to that person. Prisha decides to go to the room but Saumya calls Sushma as Mummy Ji which she hears it so she turns around but finds Sushma and Kashish are with the caretaker. She goes there and asks Sushma who called her Mummy Ji.

Kashish says it’s her who called Sushma as Mummy not Mummy Ji but Prisha must have had some hearing problem. Prisha asks the caretaker now there is no any such restrictions to wear masks then why she is still wearing. Kashish and Sushma says it’s good for everyone especially the babies to prevent them from falling sick. Prisha calls out Armaan and tells him that she is going to learn how to take care of the babies because it will be helpful when she goes on a leave. Armaan proudly says to Sushma that this is the reason why he likes Prisha the most who thinks about his babies. Prisha asks Armaan to come and give money to the nanny who calmed down his babies. Armaan goes there and gives money to Saumya but the latter hesitates. Prisha insists Armaan to go near Saumya. Armaan goes near her which makes Saumya Kashish and Sushma worry. Prisha demands Saumya to remove the mask from her face because they wants to see her. Saumya looks worried.

Goldy comes there playing dhol with few people by his side. Armaan gets distracted. He also gets angry seeing Goldy. He asks him what is he doing in his house. Goldy asks Armaan to forgive him and they can reconcile their relationship. The dancers dances around Armaan and Prisha. Goldy signs at Saumya. Saumya makes a promise to her children then leaves the house. Prisha tries to follow her but gets stopped by the people dancing around them. Armaan gives money to them and they all leaves the place.

Goldy asks Armaan to forget everything and they can starts this friendship of theirs on a new note. Prisha questions about the nanny’s whereabout and tells Armaan she thinks Saumya is the one who did all this by disguised herself as a caretaker. Armaan gets angry and says if he ever finds out that Saumya entered his house then he will file a case on her. Saumya’s father tells they all are happy because she can able to meet her children. Saumya tells she can’t able to meet the babies as nanny because Prisha has already suspected her.

Malini makes sweet to celebrate their small victory. They all looks happy. Goldy comes there and gives Saumya the papers to file a case to get back her babies from Armaan. He also asks Saumya to pay him once he wins the case because of which both of their carrier will get a boost too. Saumya thanks him for his help and tells she wants nothing more than to get back to her babies.

Precap: Saumya’s aunt demands the Verma’s to either pay advance or else vacate the house. Saumya pleads Armaan’s PA to give her the salary but the latter tells her she will get it after ninety days only. Saumya calls the production house to get a new job but no one accepts her. Saumya drinks a water and feels dizzy. Armaan says that Saumya has only two options either she has to leave Mumbai or go back to him as he closed all the doors of her’s.

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