Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 9th March 2022 Written Update: Armaan gives a gift to Saumya


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 9th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Amrik asks the servants to clean the house. Amrik sees Saumya there and says what is she doing here till now. He asks her to go to her room. Here Armaan’s father tells him that Saumya is one step ahead of Sushma. He says that he can now easily make Saumya move on his gestures. Here Amrik says why was she standing outside. Soumya says because no one asked her to come inside.

Amrik tells her that what happened to her was not right. But why did she endure all this? She says that since Sushma is angry with her she did it to her but soon she will convince her. Amrik says that Armaan’s choice is very good. Armaan comes there and asks Saumya to go to the room and take a rest. Just then Prince comes there and sees Saumya saying that this is the same woman who scolded him.

Soumya apologizes to him and asks if they can be friends from now on. He refuses and leaves from there. Kashish tells Saumya that she will take her to her room. Here Shanti tells Prisha that she should go to New York and complete her studies. Prisha refuses. Shanti knows that she is upset so she wants her to go to Kanpur for a few days. Kashish on the other hand taunts Saumya.

Soumya gets sad. Armaan comes there and asks what happened. She doesn’t tell him anything. Armaan then takes her to the room. He lifts her in his arms and says. Soumya gets shy. Armaan gets a call from someone. He cuts the call. Soumya asks him why he didn’t pick up the call. He says because he cannot go away from her. Next, he gifts her a mangalsutra.

Soumya gets happy seeing this. Armaan says that this mangalsutra is looking very good on her. Armaan says that from today she is his. Armaan then gives her some clothes and says it is for today’s function. Saying this he leaves from there. Here Armaan’s father tells Sushma that he should teach Saumya a lesson. He tells her to constantly tell her that she is her boss. Sushma understands his point.

Armaan’s father explains to her that Saumya has become Armaan’s wife but she has not yet become the daughter-in-law of this house, so she should make Saumya feel that she does not deserve this house. Sushma understands her point. Armaan’s father tells her that special guests are going to come today, so she should take good care of them. She says fine and leaves from there. Here Armaan gets mesmerized seeing Saumya.

Precap: Kashish ana Mahi misbehaves with Saumya. Saumya’s family gets unhappy seeing this.

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