Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye Upcoming Story: Armaan to request Saumya to accept him back in her life!


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Sony TV’s show Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye is gearing up with an interesting drama with Saumya meeting Mr.Kapadiya with Goldie and try to convince him to give her an opportunity to produce her upcoming shows on her own. Later Saumya gets upset with the way the kids don’t have any idea about the importance of puja.

In the current track it shown that Armaan coming to Saumya’s house to pick up the kids. He then reminds her about the days they spent together before their marriage and says he wishes to go back to those days.

Saumya brings the kids from the room. Armaan requests her to take part in a puja which is going to take place the next day. Saumya agrees. She the tells Shilpi that Armaan is going to get a biggest shock of his life soon. The next day Saumya and Goldie tries to convince Mr.Kapadiya to produce the next three shows of Saumya on her own.

Mr.Kapadiya tells them he will think about it. Armaan takes the kids with him to the office. Saumya tells the kids the importance of puja. Prisha comes there and suggests to perform puja with Armaan.

Armaan refuses and sends her out. Saumya then performs a part of the puja with Armaan and guides the kids to does the aarti. The kids calls it boring and leaves the place. Saumya gets upset but Armaan tells her that she is back so they both can teach the kids about the values.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Armaan will say to Prisha she has to adjust whatever happening around to live a luxurious life. He will then tell she has to accept Saumya who will stay with them hereafter. He will also ask Prisha to prepare food for Saumya who is on her way.

Later Saumya will decide to leave but Armaan will stop her and request her to accept him back in his life. Prisha will get shocked.

What will be Saumya’s decision?

Will Prisha agrees to Armaan’s conditions?

Will Armaan be able to convince Saumya?

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