Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum ho Upcoming Story: Kabir to lodge a police complaint against Yuvraj


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Colors Tv new show Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum ho is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline.
As reported earlier, Kabir tells Savitri that Katha told him everything before marriage. Madhu asks why can’t he understand that they trapped him and now they are trapping Yuvraj too.

Uma says she is misunderstanding them. Madhu warns her to stop. She says these Rawat ladies are bad and the guy who cheated on Katha left her knowing her real intentions. Katha warns her to stop. She says she can’t listen to anything against her family.

Madhu asks her to leave their house. Katha stops Madhu. She says the one who cheated on me is Yuvraj and I’m carrying his baby. Everyone is shocked. Katha holds Kabir’s hands and tells him that Yuvraj is the one who cheated on her and till now I didn’t reveal it thinking Kabir can’t bear it. Kabir cries.

Yuvraj asks Katha how can she accuse him. He tells he never meet her before marriage and says she is blaming him to stop his marriage with Manyata.

Katha asks him to accept his mistake. Yuvraj asks what mistake. Katha is about to slap him but Madhu stops her. Everyone says they don’t believe Katha’s accusations.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Savitri will ask Katha to leave the house. Katha will deny saying she is the wife of Kabir and daughter in law of Shekawat’s house. Police will come to Shekhawat’s house and tells them that they came to arrest him.

Savitri will ask whom they want to arrest. Inspector will show the complaint and tells them they came to arrest Yuvraj as they received a complaint from Kabir Shekhawat. Everyone will get shocked.

Will Katha be able to prove her innocence? Will family members support Kabir’s decision?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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