Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum ho Upcoming Story: Katha to reveal the secret of Yuvraj


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Colors Tv new show Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum ho is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline.
As reported earlier, Katha hurts herself seeing Yuvraj in Mazgad ritual. Kabir holds Katha’s hand. Katha comes out of her imagination that she exposed Yuvraj in front of Kabir and his family.

Kabir notices she is hurting her hand. He tells his mom that they can do other rasams tomorrow. He takes Katha with him. Kabir treats Katha’s hand. He asks her what happened? Why she look tensed? Katha signs no.

Kabir requests her to share her problem with him. He asks if she is missing her family? He tells her he can do anything for her. Katha thinks how to tell him about Yuvraj and he is becoming Grahan in their relationship and life.

She gets pain in her stomach. Kabir asks her to control her stress and tells her that they can do anything when they are together.
Kabir makes Katha sit and removes her jewellery.

Katha sees the room and tells sorry Kabir. Kabir says it’s the love of my family but we can forward in our relationship when you started loving me, we can take this step when I find Rahul and make him get punished.

Kabir makes a promise to her. Katha thinks don’t promise me as I can’t imagine how you feel when you find Yuvraj is my culprit. He hugs her. Katha cries. Kabir tells her he will fill her life with love so she doesn’t have any place for tears.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Kabir will say this hot chocolate was our brother’s fav drink, but from now on wards it will be favourite for three of us. Katha will get angry and says I want to tell you something from long time but I am not able to. Kabir will ask Katha what’s the matter. Yuvraj will stand shocked.

Will Kabir be able to punish Yuvraj?

Will Katha expose Yuvraj?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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