Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum ho Upcoming Story: Katha to reveal Yuvraj’s truth in front of Kabir and his family


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Colors Tv new show Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum ho is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline.

As reported earlier, Savitri says the real assets of the house are the relations, promise me you won’t let the relations shatter. Katha thinks how shall I give this promise to Maasa, Kabir has a deep relationship with the person who is my culprit. Savitri welcomes Katha.

Yuvraj tried to erase Katha’s footprints but he gets failed. In the game Kabir makes Katha win. Neelam suggests a group photo. Savitri asks Yuvraj to seek apologies from Katha and Kabir.

Yuvraj does it. Devraj takes a group photo. Yuvraj by mistakenly gets closer to Katha. She loses control of herself and shoves Yuvraj away. Kabir and Savitri question why she pushed him. Yuvraj covers telling them a lie.

Deepa takes Yuvraj and asks him to decorate Kabir’s room for Suhaagrat to impress his Bhabhi and brother. Tony asks what happens if Katha sees him. Yuvraj says she saw me and she is angry at me and my truth may come out soon. Tony asks Yuvraj to settle the matter by talking to her.

Yuvraj says he can’t face her and he is worried as Katha may reveal about him to anyone at any moment. Yuvraj comes out and sees Katha with a stick. Tony and Bhushan look worried seeing the way she is looking at Yuvraj.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Katha will beat Yuvraj with a stick. She will say you act good and innocent in front of your family and these people don’t know that an animal is hidden behind your innocent face and what did you think I will sit quiet and won’t tell the truth to anyone?

Katha will tell Kabir and his family that it’s Yuvraj who is her culprit and did wrong with her. Kabir and others will stand shocked.

Will Kabir be able to punish Yuvraj?

Will Savitri believe Katha over Yuvraj?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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