Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 10th August 2022 Written Update: Katha warns Yuvraj to reveal the truth


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 10th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Katha crying in the kitchen. Her inner self questions why she is accepting the defeat? If you accept this defeat then Yuvraj will make you get defeated infront of his family in every time so remember that you’re strong and Independent not weak like Rahul wants to make you so don’t let Yuvraj win and you have to be part of this family and there is nothing that you can’t do it. Katha wipes her tears. She thinks she knows what she has to do and I won’t let Yuvraj make me weak.

Deepa says it’s her first day so it takes some time. Neelam asks someone to see if Katha wants something. Manju tells them she will go but sees Katha coming with a tray. Madhu thinks it can’t be kheer. Savitri asks what’s it? You’re going to prepare Makane ki Kheer right? Katha says yes but the Milk has burnt. Gunjan says no one minds if she tells she doesn’t know how to cook. Manju stops her and asks how Milk got burnt. Deepa says let’s know it later but let’s see what she prepared.

Katha says they can see what she prepares later but first I want to tell something. Kabir thinks if she is going to reveal about her pregnancy. Yuvraj is about to leave. Savitri asks what’s the matter. Katha says Yuvraj will tell them about it. As he is worried like mine from the marriage day. Madhu asks what she means.

Katha says many mistakes happened in marriage which makes me worry. She tells Madhu that she is not boring as she assumed. Katha tells Yuvraj that she won’t leave him and tells he is not scared anymore seeing the love of family members. Yuvraj sits in his seat. They ask her to reveal what she prepared. Katha tells them she prepared Gulgule to start their relationship with sweet. Katha asks Savitri to taste it first. Savitri says Smell is delicious. Katha makes Chacha and Chachi taste her sweet. They praise the taste.

Katha asks Savitri to eat. Savitri denies it and tells Katha that she wants to eat with her hand. Katha feeds her. Savitri praises the taste. Madhu tells Manju that Katha may snatch her position in cooking. Katha gives it to everyone. Everyone likes it. Kabir stops Katha and tells her that she needs to taste it too. He feeds her. Madhu asks Yuvraj to taste the gulgule. Katha says sorry as today I didn’t make bread pakoda so eat it. Yuvraj feels shivering. Yash asks what is happening between them. Katha says she is just teasing him.

Kishore asks Savitri if the new couple goes on a honeymoon or not. Savitri says it’s Kabir’s decision. Kabir says they will plan it later. Yuvraj asks to leave the next day itself. Everyone agrees. Yuvraj thinks Katha can’t reveal the truth if she is not here. Kabir says he has so much work at the bakery. Kishore says they can handle work. Savitri asks Yuvraj to handle bakery work. Kabir says today is your result and if you become topper again then I will give half of the Bakery work to you. Madhu teases Yuvi. Katha thinks everyone loves Yuvraj but he is cheating them.

Yuvraj is about to leave in the bike. Katha stops him from taking keys and tells him it reminds her of his cheating. Yuvraj asks her to not come behind him which may create doubts in family members. Katha asks him to reveal the truth. Yuvraj says he won’t reveal anything to his family. Katha says I know why you want me to send on honeymoon but don’t forget that I will reveal your truth to Kabir once 48 hours are over. She tells him that she can’t escape from her.

Katha is lost in her room. Kabir asks her to do it quickly as he is getting late. Katha apologizes to him saying many things. Kabir stops her. He says first you talk many things. Wish you came into my life before. Katha stops him and thinks she wishes the same then Yuvraj may not cheat on her.

Episode ends.

The episode starts with Deepa blackmailing her son and making him drink the milk. Madhu says today they will know how Katha will cook and whether we can have it or not. Deepa asks why she is not leaving the option to judge Katha. Neelam says these rituals are to judge the new bride and they have to pass these tests. Yuvraj hears it and looks on. Neelam gives a protein shake to Yuvraj. Yuvraj drinks it. Madhu says Katha has to bear a tough time at her Sasural if something goes wrong in Rasoi Ritual. Yuvraj looks on. Deepa takes them saying Mom called them for Puja.

In the kitchen, Deepa teases Katha. Savitri stops her and tells Katha the importance of the Rasoi Ritual. Deepa says Kishore Jiju is happy eating Manju food and Yash is angry because his wife doesn’t know cooking. Savitri stops her. Savitri asks Katha to prepare Makane ki Kheer as it’s their tradition and favorite of everyone. Madhu says Makane Kheer and Bread Pakoda is the favorite of Yuvraj and he loves them. Katha recalls their moment. Gunjan makes her come out. Savitri asks if she knows Makane ki Kheer. Madhu says Makane is expensive so she may not know about it. Savitri asks her to prepare Suji ka halwa if she doesn’t know Kheer. Katha tells her she will prepare Makane ki Kheer. Savitri asks Manju and Neelam to help Katha showing things. Gunjan tells her sister that she won’t trust Katha and goes to order sweets from outside.

Yuvraj thinks about Madhu’s words. Manju and Neelam give things needed to prepare sweet. Madhu comes there saying Savitri is opening the gifts. Katha asks Neelam and Madhu to leave saying she can manage. They leave. Kabir comes to Kitchen. Katha thinks it’s Manju and says she can manage. Kabir says he knows it. She turns and sees Kabir. He asks her to talk with her mom on a video call. Uma says they reached home safely and the house is empty without you. Katha says she is missing them too. Manu asks her to not add salt in place of sugar. Uma says Katha can never do mistakes like you. Manu asks Kabir to inform them how the First rasoi ritual of Katha happened. They disconnect the call.

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