Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 11th August 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj cheats on his family by showing fake results


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 11th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir saying Katha to not call herself a stranger as she is his wife and she didn’t take over his life but made it more beautiful. He says he wants to ask his destiny why it didn’t make him meet her early. Katha stops him. She lost in thoughts. Kabir tells her he remembers his promise and we can start our life by going on honeymoon when I make Rahul get punishment by throwing him at your feet, it’s my promise. Katha thinks very soon you will find my culprit. Yuvraj breaks the shuttle bat in anger while recalling Katha’s warning.

He shouts in anger. Bhushan asks him what happened. Yuvraj says how dare she to warn and blackmail me. He says he will shut Katha if he finds anything against her. Tony agrees. Yuvraj books a flight ticket to Bhushan for Nainital and he asks him to find all details of Katha. Bhushan leaves. Yuvraj receives a message that the results are out. Tony and Yuvraj get shocked by the result.

Ladies in the bakery tell Katha how Kabir helps them. They call Kabir as Farishta to them. Kishore tells Katha that Kabir earned the blessings of many people. Savitri asks them to keep his son away from bad sight. Kabir thanks them. He shows the company to Katha. they see the cake. The worker says they made this cake and asks them to consider that it has all of their blessings.

Kabir thanks them. He cuts the cake with Katha. He feeds cake to others. He says today is a happy day, Katha rasoi, and now this cake cutting, and the next thing is Yuvraj’s result and if he didn’t even top this year then i will him get it. Savitri asks what’s it. He takes them to the new cabin he arranged for Yuvraj. Savitri feels happy. Kishore says Kabir’s love is special that’s why he arranged a big cabin for his brother. Kabir says Yuvraj deserves it. He tells Katha that Yuvraj is top in academics and games. He tells Yuvraj will take their company to new heights.

Tony says he never saw someone failing with this low score. Yuvraj warns him to not make him feel scared. Tony asks if he didn’t use his trick. Yuvraj says he gave one lakh to a peon like every time to change the answer sheet but he didn’t do my work. Tony says he will get exposed through results as he is fail. Yuvraj shouts at him to stop. Tony asks what will he do Yuvraj says he will send a fake mark sheet home.

Savitri says Yuvraj has time to enter the office but from tomorrow onwards Katha will come to the bakery. Katha says she didn’t understand. Savitri says every day Kabir makes me donate foods to poor people and I earned so many blessings and got you and now it’s your turn. Katha agrees to do it. Kabir thanks, Katha.

Katha receives Uma’s call. She asks if she impressed everyone with her kheer. Katha says she didn’t prepare it as the milk has burnt. Uma asks why she did it. Katha asks her to not worry telling her how she impressed everyone with her Gulgule. Uma asks her to do every work with concentration from here onwards.

Manu takes the phone from Uma. Deepa handovers greeting cards to Katha which they get. Manu asks Katha to share wedding photos with her so she can share them on SNS to increase her followers. Katha smiles. Manu asks when they are coming to Nainital as they are missing her. Katha sees envelope with the marks list. She disconnects the call and notices the result and gets shocked.

Kabir returns home happily. He informs everyone that Yuvraj topped again. He says Yuvraj Shekhawat, MBA. Everyone congratulates Yuvraj. Kabir says he knows that his brother won’t break his trust.

Madhu says she won’t believe it and asks him to show the result paper. Kabir says no need to show anything as I trust his words. Katha says it’s the result of Yuvraj and he got failed in all semester. How Kabir will feel if he finds it? She notices a college letter and finds Yuvraj never attended classes for MBA and it’s showing in his results and he failed all semester. Katha thinks it means Yuvraj is cheating his family with his lies. He may never let his family get the letters from college. Kabir calls Katha.

Katha comes out and asks what happened. Kabir tells Yuvraj topped again and he announces a party in this Happiness. Everyone lifts Yuvraj in happiness. Katha looks on. Aryan takes the envelope from Katha and runs out. Katha gets worried and asks him to stop. Madhu asks her to let the kids play. Kabir says tonight is going to be the party. He asks Kishore to prepare a guest list. Savitri says she is so happy. Katha thinks to expose Yuvraj in front of Kabir with his mark sheet.

Episode ends.

The episode starts with Katha crying in the kitchen. Her inner self questions why she is accepting the defeat? If you accept this defeat then Yuvraj will make you get defeated infront of his family in every time so remember that you’re strong and Independent not weak like Rahul wants to make you so don’t let Yuvraj win and you have to be part of this family and there is nothing that you can’t do it. Katha wipes her tears. She thinks she knows what she has to do and I won’t let Yuvraj make me weak.

Deepa says it’s her first day so it takes some time. Neelam asks someone to see if Katha wants something. Manju tells them she will go but sees Katha coming with a tray. Madhu thinks it can’t be kheer. Savitri asks what’s it? You’re going to prepare Makane ki Kheer right? Katha says yes but the Milk has burnt. Gunjan says no one minds if she tells she doesn’t know how to cook. Manju stops her and asks how Milk got burnt. Deepa says let’s know it later but let’s see what she prepared.

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