Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 11th July 2022 Written Update: Kabir and Katha’s mesmerising dance


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 11th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir telling Katha that Yuvraj practiced so much. Yuvraj sees Katha on screen and falls unconscious. Kabir goes to him and learns he is drunk. Everyone goes to take care of him. Savitri’s feet get twisted. Katha applies a cold pack to her and asks her to not worry about Yuvraj as Kabir is with him. Kabir sends his sisters to be with their mother so they don’t know about Yuvraj’s condition. Kishore sends Yuvraj to a room with his friends. He asks Kabir to not get upset otherwise Katha will get upset.

Kabir tells Kishore that Katha is already upset with him as I promised her mom that I will inform her pregnancy truth post marriage. Kishore says she is so different and if someone were in her place then they will be happy with it. Kabir says that’s why Katha is unique. Kishore says next is going to be your performance. Kabir gets surprised.

Katha asks Kabir if Yuvraj is fine. Kabir says he is fine and I felt good about seeing you taking care of my mother. Katha says she is my mother too and it’s nothing in front of shat you have done to my mother. Kabir says Uma Ji is my mother too and from here onwards we are one. He sets Katha’s face. Both lost in each other. Manu announces Katha and Kabir’s performance. Savitri tells Manju that she never saw Kabir this much happy, it happens because of Katha.

Kabir tells poetry about how much Katha means to him. Kabir days everyone is asking why I’m rushing for this marriage but I’m thinking about how to wait for these 3 days. Manu says he is like a romantic hero comes from the story. Her cousin asks how to get a husband like him. Manu says a person must be pure like Katha. Deepa asks when he becomes this romantic.

Manju says he got his love. Kabir thanks Katha for becoming his muskuraane ki vajah. He sings a song for Katha and sits in front of Katha by forwarding his hand. Uma and others ask her to hold Kabir’s hand. Manju says hold it once and he won’t leave you for a lifetime. Katha holds his hand. Both dance with each other. Everyone claps for them.

Yash says to Madhu they didn’t dance even though they get chance. Madhu says she can’t have peace until she finds the truth. She sees Uma and goes to Uma to confront her about the pregnancy. Yash stops Madhu and takes her with him. Madhu asks why he stopped her. Yash says we have to find if Gadha is really pregnant or not then it’s good to confront them. Deepa asks them to join for family dinner. Madhu tells her she will call Yuvraj. She calls him but he doesn’t attend the call and slowly gains consciousness saying, Katha.

Episode ends.

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